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Famous 20 Under 20 Sampler #1 Reviews [view details]

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"Smokers' Bargain Bundle"
For the buck,ya can't ask for a better stogie!
Charles in San Diego,Ca February 8, 2013
"Mixed feelings"
I have mixed feelings about this bundle. First off- don't expect any Churchills- they are all about 5" or less. Secondly, there are some decent smokes in here but some that I try to avoid as well.
Greg in Wood River, IL January 3, 2013
"It is okay"
I'm a novice cigar smoker, so I decide to try these famous 20 under 20 sampler to get my feet wet. When I removed the Hamiltons House Robusto from the plastic wrapper to place it in my humidor, crumbs was falling out and created a tunnel. I decide to smoke it, I used the cigar cutter to open the end, more crumbs came out on that end. The draw was poor and every time I drawed, I had bits of tobacco in my mouth. Fustrated, I cut open the cigar down the middle and it was all crumbs. You do get what you pay for.
JDC in LA, CA October 2, 2012
"No complaints"
For a dollar a stick I can't see how anyone can complain. I have bought boxes of Brickhouse in the past with less consistency. Found some I like, found some I didn't all at a reasonable price.Definetely worth buying if your looking for a good daily or just starting out.
Wayne in Minneapolis November 29, 2011
"Good deal for the money."
I like more mild cigars. Some are too strong for me, but others are wonderful. I have a friend who likes strong cigars, so I gave them to him, and he is happy too.
Larry W in Montana November 18, 2011
"Not impressive overall"
I found these cigars to be inconsistent, even within the brand. Some were decent, others had poor construction, uneven burn, etc. Personally, I won't do this one again but if you are looking for a bargain this might be for you.
RJ in Tucson, AZ November 13, 2011
"Mixed review"
On the plus side...very good value. On the minus side...the product condition was on the dry side. I have been nursing them back and cigars are rebounding. About half way though. Will order something differant next time.
Jim R in Connecticut November 8, 2011
The sampler was good, not great. I smoke alot of cigars and may recommend this deal to people who like trying a variety of new smokes and aren't afraid of cheaper cigars. It was nice to have alot of cigars for a low price...sharing is caring. I only LOVED two cigars in the batch: the darker Tabamex and another darker one. The others were about a 5 out of 10 or lower. Two of the cigars I got were damaged upon arrival and one of them seemed to have a dry wrapper (damaged leaf?). However famous smoke shop seems to have a lot of other good deals and I recommend this company. They gave me money for my damaged cigars - no problem.
Luke P. in Fort Wayne, IN November 5, 2011
"the guys say hell yes"
order arrived in fine shape.been sharing some with the guys at work (the one cigar a month crowd)looks like i have to keep ordering the sampler not only do i love the selection but the guys say hell yes when i offer one up...
clint e in pennington gap va November 4, 2011
"3 cigars in."
I've only smoked 3 of these, the Value Line 200 Natural (decent. first cigar ever. smoked nice), the Imperial (horrid), and then the Gran Habano GH2 (loved it, finger burning cigar, didnt want to put it down). i didnt put any of these in a humidor or anything like that, smoked em right out of the ups package. many of the other cigars are very hard, i may buy a humidor in the future just to bring some life into them. anyways, id recommend this sampler for anyone new to cigars much like myself. I have a feeling my next choice is going to be the santiago, it's calling my name. i may add another review after getting through some of the others in this sampler.
Gary in Fairmont, WV October 20, 2011
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