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Famous 365 Reviews

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Famous 365 Toro
"Don't Buy"
Worse cigars I've ever purchased. The first one I had was great but, everyone after that was rolled so tight I had to throw them away after smoking only half of it. I've went througth almost the whole bundle too. You can't draw on it without turning blue.
Randy in Michigan February 15, 2013
Famous 365 Robusto
"Found my everyday smoke"
Been looking for an everyday smoke. The draw on the first one was rough, but since then, they've performed perfectly. Burn is a little off, but not a problem. I'm buying more today.
BigPopi in Oklahoma February 2, 2013
Famous 365 Robusto
"A Great Smoke"
With most affordable cigars, the first week is not great. However, after keeping this cigar in the humidor for 2 weeks, this cigar is a fantastic deal, great taste, great burn, and overall great construction. Obviously it's relative to the price, but even if you're a cigar snob, you will find this very satisfying after it's been sitting in you humidor for a week or two. Highly recommend it.
TPAT in Florida December 21, 2012
Famous 365 Robusto
"Great Smoke"
Not bad for a small price. Found it to be just as good as a high priced cigar. If you like big cigars this is a must to try.
Royce in NM December 12, 2012
Famous 365 Toro
"Great smoke"
You need to restock these.........
Dennis in Ark October 13, 2012
Famous 365 Robusto
"Good at 3X the price"
This is a wonderful stick. Appearance is very nice. Firm, solid with no soft spots. Good burn and holds ash. Draw is perfect. Very good flavor and aroma. Must be priced wrong at $1.00 per cigar.
Carl in Ohio September 2, 2012
Famous 365 Robusto
"Goop loops smoke"
Been searching for a good everyday smoke this could be it......
Dennis in Arkansas August 19, 2012
Famous 365 Robusto
"Good smoke"
Good all around smoke, get ya a bundle. Great with a cup of coffee or an adult beverage
Dennis in Arkansas August 18, 2012
Famous 365 Robusto
"Great For Price"
I don't ask much of a cigar. I just want to to burn well not taste terrible and not have a draw like a burning twig. This cigar does everything I ask for. The burn is slightly off but it isn't a gigantic problem. Overall it is a great cigar for the price. It tastes pretty good has and has a nice draw. I would reccomend this to every cigar smoker to try.
Richard in Clevleland Tx July 27, 2012
Rocky Patel Xtreme
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