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I ordered 60 of these cigars and all of them had to be unplugged. They are all wrapped to tight. Dont buy these. you have been warned!!
Scott in Nevada December 2, 2013
"Really good smoke"
I bought a bundle of these for an every day smoke. I have to say.. they are awesome. The have a great draw, great flavor , they last a long time. I have nothing bad to say about these smokes. I will be restocking these for sure.
Kevin in Woodbury Heights NJ November 21, 2013
these cigars are as good as any big name brand and at a fraction of the cost, great everyday smoke.
in NY November 14, 2013
"Well worth the price!"
Yes, they re cheap. No, they aren t pretty. But, they are good honest everyday cigars at a great price. I have had more expensive cigars that weren t nearly as good.
Byron in Ohio October 23, 2013
"Excellent value"
This is a darn good smoke and at the price, it is a great cigar. Perfect for passing out to friends.
MikeL in Severna Park MD September 5, 2013
"Dan the Cigar Man"
Great cigars I will buy again. Nice draw and great smoke. I see some bad reviews but I like them and think their a great cigar for the money.
Can in Hanover, MA July 30, 2013
Ooo, I really liked these. They will be my "reorder-go to". Yea, there was one or two that was a little too tight, you just have to open the draw a little and you get mouth full after mouth full flavor thick smoke that leaves a few nice taste layers behind.
Oliver Smith in Bakersfield, CA, USA, EARTH June 20, 2013
"Don't Buy"
Worse cigars I've ever purchased. The first one I had was great but, everyone after that was rolled so tight I had to throw them away after smoking only half of it. I've went througth almost the whole bundle too. You can't draw on it without turning blue.
Randy in Michigan February 15, 2013
"Great smoke"
You need to restock these.........
Dennis in Ark October 13, 2012
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