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Famous Buenos Maduritos Reviews [view details]

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"A little gem"
Just received my box and very happy. I keep various cigars for different occasions. This little maduro was a surprise, good taste, smooth, nice burn and kept it's ash almost through half the stick. For a $1.00 a stck it's an excellent value if you wany a little quicky, a keeper.
George in Boulder City, Nevada February 17, 2010
"Very nice"
Draw is a bit tight for me, but still a nice big wonderful smoke. Will buy a box of these. Construction is nice, tightly wrapped, sturdy enough for kicking around the yard, well made.
Gary in Capitola, California February 3, 2010
"Still tasty after all these years"
Dug to the bottom of the coolerdor this morning and found a half box of Maduritos from a purchase >4 yrs ago. Smoked 3 today and they're still just as good as I remember. The draw is still a bit tight. The taste still takes a few draws to get settled in, but, once it does, it's very enjoyable. Not one of those carnival rides of changing flavors, but just solid, steady, and good. I think I paid something like $25 for this box way back when. Because of the petite corona size, I *might* not cough up $40 shipping to get another batch, but I'm sure keeping an eye out for them to go on sale or to show up on CigarMonster. You should do the same.
longirons in Alabama (it's a state of mind) January 21, 2010
"Everyday Favorite!"
I love these little babies! I smoke 'em while riding motorcycle and they hold up pretty good. They're small enough that I can cup 'em in my hand and the wind doesn't burn them down to the nub within a minute. I'm constantly getting compliments on the aroma too! These are a constant in my humidor.
Ron in Harrisburg, PA October 21, 2009
"A great deal"
Let these sleep for about two weeks. After that, a great smoke for the sale price I got them at. Wonderful smoke, even burn. Will definitely buy again when on sale.
Scot S. in San Jose,CA September 17, 2009
"fianlly - a cigar with real flavor"
I've searched for a small cigar with real flavor and I think I've finally found it! One of these and I feel like I've smoked a real cigar - I'm not reaching for a second one to satisfy my craving for a good smoke! This is a great tasting, satisfying smoke. Even though the size is small, the taste is huge! I will definitely buy these again.....and again.....and again....
Mike in Ohio July 22, 2009
"very good"
very good draw and burn,not as strong as advertised, would advise budget smokers to try these
les in nh June 20, 2009
"Nice morning smoke w/a cup of Joe or w/out the Joe"
Tasty, full flavored, decent burn, but about 10% of them have a very hard draw. I have found that they need to be stored on the dry side(50%-60% humidity at the most)to get a decent draw out of the other 90%. I think that they are wrapped a bit to tight... or maybe its just me that is wrapped a bit too tight?!?!... I dont know you tell me.
Adam D. Libretta in California, BUT NOT FOR LONG!! June 14, 2009
"Wow! Big taste, Small package!"
Fantastic high quality cigar at an incredible price. This is a must buy if you are looking to stretch your cigar dollar. Loads of rich salty chocolate flavor. A must buy!
Mike H in Long Beach, CA June 7, 2009
"Fantastic Short Smoke"
This is a excellent short smoke, my favorite in this size. I'm on my 3rd box and every single one has been excellent so far. Construction is excellent, burn is even, good draw and tasty to the nub. This little guy has lots of creamy smoke. I would rate this as a full bodied and strong cigar, mild cigar smokers beware! And the price is really nice! Way to go Famous.
Bob J. in Loveland, Colorado May 22, 2009
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