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Famous Buenos Maduritos Reviews [view details]

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"mmm mmm good"
they are awsomely great
nick in wilwood nj February 24, 2009
"Theeeeey're GREAT!"
Forgive the Tony reference, but I can't sum it up any better. Straight out of the box these are 4 star smokes. I imagine they'll only improve with some TLC. Pre-light draw is a bit strange... dark chocolate and... hmmmm... bleach? Put the flame to it however, and it shines! Reminds me of JR's Ultimate Habanito or Montecruz' Negra Chicos. Medium to full to start and pretty full-on toward the end. I got it down to about 3/4" before tossing it but I'd have to say that the last 1/2" got pretty harsh. I got these for $20 and at $.50 each I feel like I got a steal. It's cold here in the Northeast right now and these guys are just right for that "I'd really like a smoke right now, but it's too DAMN cold out for a toro" kinda feeling. Ignore the haters, maybe they just got a bad batch.
EmperorMike in Brooklyn, NY January 8, 2009
"Great smoke"
Real nice cigar when you don't have the time for a big stoogie. Better after few months aging, But I've been smoking them out of the box without any problems.
Scott in Wisconsin November 11, 2008
"Taste okay but terrible draw"
I ordered these last year, they were on back order so I waited. When I received them they looked great. The only bone with these cigars is the draw is terrible. I have aged these over a year @ 65% and the draw has stayed the same.
Johnny in SD August 19, 2008
"If you wait, they're really great"
Great value, sent quickly. They were really too moist to smoke at first as expected, but wait 2 weeks at 65% or less out of the cello with the lid off the box. Your wait will be rewarded with a dark coffee roasted flavor that burns slow, flaky ash, draw will be med/firm, but the sticks are hard & well constructed. Not too strong for me but not a morning smoke! My local B&M guys were scared of the dark toothy wrapper, but also impressed at the price for a FBM 40 count!
Dennis R in Atlanta, Georgia May 20, 2008
Hmmmm, …These are usually pretty good powerful little smokes. But this last batch I had was pretty bad, Flavor was just plain harsh and couldn’t Keep em’ lit to save my life …bad burn, no real “Flavor” Even after two months at 65%. I pitched more of em’ than I smoked! Come on Famous, You can do better than this! Those of us who like these little suckers Really like them! …Don’t go screwing up the blend on us.
stitch in Arizona March 25, 2008
"A deep, smooth, rich-tasting smoke"
A smoke that's smooth, with a surplus of deep, rich, dark tobacco flavor, and a touch of sweet dark chocolate. Volumes of billowing clouds of smoke. Very cool burning for a 4-inch cigar. As a matter of fact, it smokes like a much larger cigar in every way. Highly recommended at the price per cigar. All-in-all, it's a fantastic, smaller, rich, flavorful smoke.
K. Smith in West Milton, OH February 29, 2008
"What a deal!"
When I bought these on Cigar Monster, I figured I couldn't go wrong on the price, and free shipping to boot. My usual cigars are Fuente, RP, Gurkha, CAO, La Flor Dominicana, etc. but I try to save those better brands for when I can sit and really enjoy them. I figured these would be good for every day and work. No disappointment here with these. I smoked 2 yesterday afternoon after receiving them, and was pleasantly surprised. Good even burn and good flavor. I will be buying these again. Guess I shouldn't be surprised that they are made by Plasencia, I've never gone wrong with their cigars and always wanted to try a maduro from them. Tastes like good Nicaraguan tobacco to me!
Ed in Northern CA February 29, 2008
"Still deciding"
I've had several from my first box already and they're really pretty decent. Good smell before lit and good after lighting. I've had a few that didn't burn 100% great but they're actually what I've been looking for, a good cigar when I don't have a lot of time. I'll buy more.
Jim Caccavo in Chattanooga October 8, 2007
"Wow! Great little cigar for the money!"
Smoked a couple today after they showed up on my doorstep and gave one to my neighbor. Was worried they might be a bit harsh w/out aging in the humidor, but they were rich and robust without being overpowering. That said, smoking one while trying to work on an outdoor project swingset was a futile effort. Was a bit too strong for that. Sit down and enjoy this shorter smoke for all it is and gives. Thick plumes of rich tasting and even smelling smoke. Can't believe they can sell them for this price. If you like stronger manduros do yourself a favor and try some.
JNav89GT in IL May 30, 2007
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