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"Another Grand Slam From Nestor Plasencia"
To my palate it is a terrific stick. ROTT it was a bit harsh but after 2 weeks in my box I like this cigar so well that I started smoking more often. To me it taste delicious and I like the price too. I can sit and enjoy this smoke for over 30 minutes. Thanks FSS for another great smoke. I have had no issues with this cigar
Mr. Blues in Central MN February 25, 2015
"1$ but honest 1$"
At first about shortcomings: - not the full - even mild - on my taste tobacco is a little not ready. Advantages: - the stick is well made - good draw - not bad taste - correct size. These are good cigars for every day and on few times in day. And I think that through a floor of year in a humidor they will be excellent.
Denis in Russia May 5, 2014
Dark, oily, tasty, and cheap. Love em.
Sam in Wilmington, NC May 1, 2014
"Good little smoke."
Grabbed a single last order and let it rest in the humi for a few weeks. Just smoked it tonight and it lasted me about 45min. Let it rest a few times and it never went out, burn and draw were great. First few draws were a bit bitter at first but that ended quick and had a good maduro/coffee taste with a lot of aged tobacco on the finish. Overall I'd give this around a 90 considering the price, plan to grab a box soon.
Travis in February 1, 2014
"Great taste, but the draw?....."
I've been searching for an alternative to some of the higher priced petit coronas I enjoy, (more of an everyday smoke) and decided to give these a try. Well, I found what I was looking for, I love the taste of this cigar. Simply put, awesome, nice finish, medium-bodied, great aroma. The problem, the draw. So far I've smoked 6 of these and only one had a easy, smooth draw. I've tried different cuts, with the same result. If that issue can be worked out, this cigar is in the same league as the Drew Estate Bait Fish, Ambos Mundos Short #2 Habano or Sumatra, which are my fav's. For the price, and taste, I'm willing to draw a little harder for the time being. Long ashes!!!
Gregory in West Sacramento, CA January 15, 2013
"Fantatsic famous Buenos!"
A great one dollar maduro. Full of flavor! Not extremely complex, but great taste. For the price it's one of the best values going! I'm already on my second box! Great 45 minute smoke! They improve with age even after a week!!! Get a box now!
Alex in Kansas City, MO October 6, 2012
"Great $1 little Maduro...usually. Lately not."
Great little handmade Maduro, sometimes. I buy them 4 boxes at a time, and I buy a LOT. Everything you ever wanted in a goto...execpt consistancy. From Rocky like flavor to the smell of fresh manure (no hyperbole). I just need to buy a truckload and let them mellow and I would have what I want in a goto cigar. Gonna have to build a house from the boxes!
Bob in Tennessee November 4, 2010
"right size for a good price"
I bought these a week ago and when I opened the box I was a little judgmental, but when I smoked it I found it to be a great value and it worked very well for an after meeting smoke.
nick in grand forks November 1, 2010
"right size for a drive..."
good to have a small maduro that is a little bigger than a pequeno... hard to find a real smoke, real taste in a smaller package... these do quite all right...
ds in oregon June 22, 2010
"Great for the money"
I just received my first box of these cigars. I wanted something inexpensive and small for a weekday commute cigar. The taste is wonderful, the nicotine level is strong and the smoke lasts about thirty minutes for me. The draw, however, is extremely tight. I may try jamming a paper clip in the next one and see if that helps. So long as the price remains the same, I'll keep buying these for the weekdays and save the rest of my cigar budget for premiums on the weekends.
Steven in Maryland June 14, 2010
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10 Construction (81) 100
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