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"Not What It Used To Be"
I've been smoking these little cigars for some time now and have really enjoyed them. Used to be a great daily smoke but something changed. Supplier? Source? Filler? Manufacture Method? The last few purchases have not been so enjoyable. Very inconsistent draw, sometimes very hard ? feels like my temples are going to cave in, inconsistent burn ? sometimes they go out or start to ?canoe?, and the taste can go from nice to really nasty within one cigar. I've thrown them away at times. If I'm not going to enjoy it I won't waste my time. I don't know what happened but there has been a very obvious change and it?s certainly not for the better.
Steve in Florida November 17, 2014
"Cheap delicious"
Outstanding $ 1 cigar!Creamy and soft, smooth, this is a wonderful 15 minutes. Worth to buy again!
Ivn in Kunming China May 2, 2013
"Cheap delicious"
Outstanding $ 1 cigar!Creamy and soft, smooth, this is a wonderful 15 minutes. Worth to buy again!
Ivn in Kunming China May 2, 2013
"Mixed Report"
Purchased the maduro box by mistake, but went through them anyway. I was looking for a short smoke, something you could take on a break, etc. That worked out ok. The cigars varied a bit. Some, maybe half, were rather funky and reminded me of the ones you get in the low priced bundles. The other half were pretty good, smoked well and did the job. They were more on the medium-full end flavor wise. For the price, pretty good stuff. A step up, or sideways, from Perrogies (spelling), the ones we used to call Mill Rat cigars back in South (side of) Chicago.
Sal in Arlington, VA May 30, 2012
These smokes are some tasty little suckers. It is my 1st box of these but had no problems with ANY of them. Will give high marks all around. Thanks again Famous for a great cigar at an affordable price!!!
Bill in Md. April 13, 2012
"up your alley for an economy smoke..."
Snagged a box off of Cigar Monster. Smoked one out of the box off the UPS van, and have been smoking them well aged. Not much of a difference with aging. They are listed as a MEDIUM strength cigar, but to be honest, they are extremely mild. I don't sense much for "flavor" because it is very subtle. Would I buy them again? No. Very hard to finish off the box, but have been handing them out to friends who have yet to smoke a cigar. They are taking a liking to them since they are very mild. In the end, probably a way better smoke with your morning coffee.
Brandon in Minnesota January 6, 2010
"Nice Short Smoke"
smooth and creamy, great for any time. box stamped 'Honduras' not Nicaragua. either way, I go through these things like potato chips.
CigarAnon in New Jersey September 1, 2009
These are decent little smokes. They lean towards medium and usually do have that good twangy Nicaraguan flavor. Though in this last batch some of them tended to taste and smell a little funky. They burn good, are constructed good and usually taste pretty darn good. They are an excellent value … I hope Famous doesn’t screw them up.
stitch in Arizona March 25, 2008
"You must be ******* nuts!!!"
Ok it's my fault, I hand outn FSS products every friday at my comapny., However, when the most the grizzled tough a** oil field hand looks at me with the cigar from the catbox look, i have to conciede these are just not for the men who give a flying shit about what they smoke.. and my guys are as unpickey as they come....so if you need to cover the smell of an autopsy these are the cigars for you, just don't breath on anybody...
Tony "Bones" Meriam in South Dakota January 11, 2008
"Wonderful Find"
Put in humi. Be patient. Very creamy, almost floral-like. Nice finish. Very clean.
koby flowers in colorado September 13, 2007
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