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Famous Dominican Selection 1000 Reviews

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Famous Dominican Selection 1000 Double Corona
"Terrific value - good flavor"
Got these on sale--I had been wanting to try them. I often buy the Famous Dom. 2000, which I have found require very careful aging. But these 1000s age well, both in and out of the cellos. They retain their complex, medium strength flavor--very satisfying. The only problem I've had is almost half have a tight draw. But this is not unusual for this shape--when I buy them again, I'll get the Toro or Robusto, which I'm sure won't have as much of a problem with the draw.
Jerry in Connecticut May 24, 2008
Famous Dominican Selection 1000 Torpedo
"Excellent Bundled Cigar, Excellent Price!"
The torpedo is my favorite bundled cigar. The secret is to let them age in the humidor for about a month. I pass these out to friends who visit and they are surprised. These are my everyday (afterwork) smoke and save the really excellent premium ones for my weekend reward!
Robert in Loveland, CO February 25, 2008
Famous Dominican Selection 1000 Toro
"I agree with JS"
Smoked the first one a year ago - not bad, not good, not much happening with this cigar. Tossed them in the Humidor (a cedar lined Humidity Controlled Closet) and forgot about them. I was rumaging around a few days ago and came on them again. Tried another after a years aging - better taste, not great but OK. What can you expect for under a buck. If you can store them for a year they are Okay.
Waconda in San Diego January 30, 2008
Famous Dominican Selection 1000 Robusto
"Musty smelling"
I am a value smoker for my everyday cigars and have tred many bundles, but these, unfortunately are clunkers. I was first struck by the musty smell of the bundle upon arrival. I smoked one but that only confirmed a musty flavor and couldnt smoke it for more than 5 minutes. They are now in their own Humi so as not to contaminate my other smokes. Maybe they need some time alone !
Frank in Massapequa Park, NY October 20, 2007
Famous Dominican Selection 1000 Robusto
"Nice smoke for the price"
I got 3 bundles at auction recently. I gave a bundle to a friend as a thank you gift. While on a recent golf trip we got into his bundle of the robustos. He liked them so well, he made me sell him the other 2 bundles. They burned evenly and we really liked the way they smoked. Will buy again but this time won't tell my buddy Jimbo.
Milkco in Cincinnati, Oh October 11, 2007
Famous Dominican Selection 1000 Corona
Just bought a bundle and of the two I tried, its just awful I tried to dissect on and found it to contain table scraps. Very unpleasant. I wouldn't give these things out to the everyday cigarette smoker.
J.L,. in Ann Arbor, Michigan September 16, 2007
Famous Dominican Selection 1000 Torpedo
"Budget Price, Luxury Taste"
Well now it's been over a month since I got these cigars, and I've been plowing through them quite quickly. Delicious!
Metalbass in Detroit August 5, 2007
Famous Dominican Selection 1000 Torpedo
"Bargain Hunters will love this cigar!"
I got four bundles of this cigar off of cigarauctioneer.com. Famous Smoke has almost always given me some good cigar deals, but this is one of the tops! I smoked one out of the bundle and was thoroughly impressed. Mild to medium in strength, good tobacco/leathery, perhaps even slightly nutty taste. Two weeks later I had one and was even more impressed. The draw was perfect. So far I have tried two out of each bundle and I like them. Highly recommended!
Metalbass in Detroit July 25, 2007
Famous Dominican Selection 1000 Toro
"No Flavor"
I just got this bundle today and smoked one, taste like burning yard clippings. Great draw but no flavor. I'll let them age abit and try again, but as of right now, I won't be ordering this cigar again.
JS in North Carolina June 21, 2007
Famous Dominican Selection 1000 Corona
"pretty decent for the price"
Smoked one right out of the bundle and it was pretty good.Good burn all throughout. Even better when you let it sit in the humidor for a couple of days. Would definitely buy again.
Clos in South Amboy June 16, 2007
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