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Famous Dominican Selection 1000 Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"Reviews Not From Customers"
Honestly, do not think most of these reviews do come from actual customers. Some of the cigars are not what is claimed.
Fernando in Austin Texas December 20, 2013
"Good to the last draw"
This was my 1st order from Famous ,and was pleased .It does not compare to the New Orleans ones Im used to but can't wait to try the higher line (4000) good draw ,taste ,ash,and smoke all around for the price.
Larkn5 in Illinois May 21, 2010
"What can I say?"
What can I say? They cost like a buck. Overall not too bad. Decent flavor and not harsh. Good if you don't have time to enjoy anything better.
Marc in November 27, 2008
"Musty smelling"
I am a value smoker for my everyday cigars and have tred many bundles, but these, unfortunately are clunkers. I was first struck by the musty smell of the bundle upon arrival. I smoked one but that only confirmed a musty flavor and couldnt smoke it for more than 5 minutes. They are now in their own Humi so as not to contaminate my other smokes. Maybe they need some time alone !
Frank in Massapequa Park, NY October 20, 2007
"Nice smoke for the price"
I got 3 bundles at auction recently. I gave a bundle to a friend as a thank you gift. While on a recent golf trip we got into his bundle of the robustos. He liked them so well, he made me sell him the other 2 bundles. They burned evenly and we really liked the way they smoked. Will buy again but this time won't tell my buddy Jimbo.
Milkco in Cincinnati, Oh October 11, 2007
I agree with Bruce from VA. I have tried many bundle brands trying to find a decent everyday smoke for a reasonable price and thus far have been extremely dissapointed. I grabbed a bundle of these on sale and when they arrived they actually looked pretty good. They seemed to be packaged well. I put them in the humi and have tried several at this point. Not too bad. They have all been consistantly good. They burn well for the most part (I couldn't believe how white the ash was on these!). Flavor is pretty good. The wrappers and caps are a little ugly but I would have to say at this point for the price, this is a keeper. I will most likely order another bundle at some point. Give them a shot you might be suprised, If ya don't like them you're not out much!
Morgan in KS February 11, 2007
"I've tried um all, bundle Dominicans."
These are the best. Aroma, flavor, burn (black and white layered ashes an inch-and-a-half in length, and EVEN.) At the last inch the flavor starts to get harsh a bit, but you don't want to put it DOWN! When the ash falls it's perfectly conical!! No relight! I've tried seconds, alternatives, long filler, short filler, sandwich; these are the ticket. GET 'EM!!!
jeaarts in New York October 16, 2006
"Want a relaxing, well priced robusto? THIS IS IT!"
For years I've been disappointed by "everyday value" cigars. I really don't expect too much anymore . . . and usually return a great many. BUT, Famous Dominican 1000 Robustos are the exception!! Decent draw, acceptable construction and a pleasant mild/medium smoke, (albeit a little ugly). Don't be stupid, it isn't going to taste like a $10.00 cigar, but for the price, it is the only "value" smoke that I would waste a match on. Just bought 3 more bundles!
Bruce in Alexandria, VA October 14, 2006
"Weak in nearly every way"
These cigars are weak in both flavour and strength. I tend to like a medium to full cigar with some lovely notes, but these have less taste and strength than a pile of burning leaves. They are constructed well, but lack in nearly every other way.
Royal Secret in North America May 17, 2005
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