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Famous Dominican Selection 1000 Torpedo Reviews [view details]

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"Outdoor stogie"
Have to agree with previous comment from AlanJ, stating, that it needs some humidor time. They were unsmokable for the first 3 weeks after shipping, but after this time they were ok. Not good, but ok. The other thing, I have to say, they are better on open air, not in a room.
Ruben in Yerevan, Armenia July 7, 2014
"Nicely suprised."
Bought a bundle for the golf course, lit one up yesterday and was I ever suprised. Great cigar and now that I see they are on sale for 26 bucks it blows my mind. Good flavor, not as much as a super premium but its there. Good construction and pack. Stays lit all the way through. A must try for cheapie events like golfing.
Ronald in San Antonio, TX September 7, 2012
"Needs Some Humidor Time"
If you smoke these without giving them some unwrapped humidor time, you will be disappointed. They'll smell like burning rope. However, removing the cellophane and letting them sit in the humidor for at least a week will definitely improve them greatly. They're still not my favorite smoke but humidor time does help quite a bit.
AlanJ in Florida August 28, 2012
"You Get What You Pay For..."
I guess you really do get what you pay for. If you want to give up cigar smoking, try these Torpedos. Draws is non-existent (like sucking through a straw), it burns hot, and requires at least 2 re-lights. Oh well, maybe it's just me and maybe I got a "bad" bundle, so I'll leave them in the humidor to "age" a bit but I don't have high hopes for them. Now, if you want a good house brand smoke, try a Famous Nigaraguan 3000 Torpedo. Excellent construction, proper draw, slow and even burn, just a pleasant easy-going smoke.
AlanJ in Florida August 25, 2012
"A Fistful of a Cigar"
This is another good Famous Dominican. I like the full 54 ring size and the good taste and construction of this cigar. I'd like to know what the 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, and 5000 designations of the various Famous Dominicans signify, though.
Paul in Annandale, MN October 14, 2010
"Great Burn, Great Draw, Great Price/ Needs time!"
These cigars represent an excellent value but they need to soak in the cedar for a while. Never had a $1 cigar that looked and smoked like this one. Right out of the bundle, the first one is being enjoyed as I type this. I have to say that the flavor doesn't set my world on fire but for a buck or so a piece, WTF? Let's not kid ourselves here, it is not a Romeo Y Julietta or a Macanudo but it's also not $5 a stick. I've tried a few others in this range that tasted like hay being smoked through a rusty tailpipe with a pillow stuffed inside to add to the dis-comfort of knowing you've been marked as a schmuck just for trying it. This is not the case here at all. This would make a great anytime smoke, especially when you want to burn one and not pay a whole lot of attention to it! Bought these on sale and would buy them again-on sale. Wife hates the smell of these though, that is the biggest complaint.
Harv in Indianapolis, IN May 27, 2008
"Excellent Bundled Cigar, Excellent Price!"
The torpedo is my favorite bundled cigar. The secret is to let them age in the humidor for about a month. I pass these out to friends who visit and they are surprised. These are my everyday (afterwork) smoke and save the really excellent premium ones for my weekend reward!
Robert in Loveland, CO February 25, 2008
"Budget Price, Luxury Taste"
Well now it's been over a month since I got these cigars, and I've been plowing through them quite quickly. Delicious!
Metalbass in Detroit August 5, 2007
"Bargain Hunters will love this cigar!"
I got four bundles of this cigar off of cigarauctioneer.com. Famous Smoke has almost always given me some good cigar deals, but this is one of the tops! I smoked one out of the bundle and was thoroughly impressed. Mild to medium in strength, good tobacco/leathery, perhaps even slightly nutty taste. Two weeks later I had one and was even more impressed. The draw was perfect. So far I have tried two out of each bundle and I like them. Highly recommended!
Metalbass in Detroit July 25, 2007
"Made a mistake"
Smoked one upon reciept ... a terrible smoke ...tasted liked they were rolled just prior to shipping and were never in a humidor...after this is written will call Famous for a return authorization
Jim Kroslowitz in NY December 19, 2006
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