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Famous Dominican Selection 4000 Churchill Reviews [view details]

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"Very Decent Cigar"
I have read other reviews that really slam this cigar but I'll have to say that I've had much worse cigars than this with much heftier price tags on them! I've been buying these for a few years now and I'll admit that the first bundle I received was not that great as far as construction was concerned. The cigars would unravel and split very easily and seemed to be extremely dry but that was three or four years ago and there has definitely been major improvements made! Before I found these I was a Punch and La Gloria Cubana smoker but at half the price, I can get the Famous 4000s and not really miss the expensive ones that much at all! Give them a try, you won't regret it!
William Elkins in Kyle, TX February 10, 2014
"Don't bother - lousy cigar"
Got these to experiment - even at a low cost, these are overpriced. Bad construction - wrapper often splits( and I kept them in a good humidor at a constant 70% humidity), draw is bad, frequent canoeing; flavor is brittle and harsh.
Bruce in September 25, 2012
"Pretty darn good!"
First, I am no cigar expert. However for a beginner cigar fan I found the Dominican 4000s to be well constructed, well balanced, and a great value for the price. First, they came individually wrapped inside the bundle packaging which I hadn't expected. I tried one the day of delivery and found it was pretty good right off the bat, Easy draw and a nice light flavor. It did burn un-even but that could totally be how I lit it as I'm still learning. And it corrected itself by the second half of the burn. I smoked it right down to a nub and never burnt my fingers. This is a great cigar for beginners especially but I'm certain pros will enjoy it as well. Great to keep on hand for a quick, quality smoke! Good job Famoussmoke.com!
Rob in Baltimore MD June 15, 2012
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