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Famous Dominican Selection 4000 Reviews

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Famous Dominican Selection 4000 Robusto
These tasted like burning cardboard dipped in wax. I suffered through half the bundle and gave up trying to like them. I trashed the rest.
Chuck in North bergen April 2, 2014
Famous Dominican Selection 4000 Churchill
"Very Decent Cigar"
I have read other reviews that really slam this cigar but I'll have to say that I've had much worse cigars than this with much heftier price tags on them! I've been buying these for a few years now and I'll admit that the first bundle I received was not that great as far as construction was concerned. The cigars would unravel and split very easily and seemed to be extremely dry but that was three or four years ago and there has definitely been major improvements made! Before I found these I was a Punch and La Gloria Cubana smoker but at half the price, I can get the Famous 4000s and not really miss the expensive ones that much at all! Give them a try, you won't regret it!
William Elkins in Kyle, TX February 10, 2014
Famous Dominican Selection 4000 Robusto
I purchased two bundles and the first one I lit turned hard and black within the first half-inch of burn- something you wouldn't expect except at the end of some cigars. It was totally the worst, I am going to ask for a refund as I have 29 cigars I can't smoke.
Greg in Wood River, IL January 19, 2014
Famous Dominican Selection 4000 Robusto
"Not bad for a cheap cigar :"
1 of 10 was bad..., but it s a really good cigar for that price!
Vasil in CA November 25, 2013
Famous Dominican Selection 4000 Corona
Tried the Robustos and they were pretty good for the money. The first two Coronas were bad, bad, bad. I will probably throw the rest away.
Leo in USA October 27, 2013
Famous Dominican Selection 4000 Torpedo
"Great cigar for the price"
Excellent value cigar. Great for everyday smoking. Cant beat the price. I Smoke these during the day and save the expensive cigars for the evening.
Tony in Houston Texas October 1, 2013
Famous Dominican Selection 4000 Robusto
Great cigar! I was not sure about this one, but from the first light and to the end, it was smooth, spicy and sweet , really love that!!
Raz in Israel September 18, 2013
Famous Dominican Selection 4000 Robusto
"Smooth & Tasty"
I keep around 200 cigars in my humidor and lately I reach for this Famous Dominican Selection 4000 2-3 times per week. When I first unpacked them I wasn't impressed but they get better in the humi with the cello on.
Jim Thompson in South Carolina September 5, 2013
Famous Dominican Selection 4000 Toro
"Rely on price, not looks"
Unexpectedly disappointing on several levels: taste is harsh and unappetizing; wrapper tends to peel; and stick is prone to tunneling. Suitable only for the "It's A Boy!" "It's A Girl!" recipients who are not cigar aficionados.
Vic in Reno August 7, 2013
Famous Dominican Selection 4000 Corona
"Good cigar for the price"
Picked these up on sale and was very surprised. Good medium taste and a great burn. Will buy again.
Charlie in Grand Rapids, MI March 17, 2013
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