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Famous Dominican Selection 4000 Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"Burning plastic not my thing"
There s some seriously bad funk going on with these. I hoped it was just a couple bad ones, but they all have a horrible plastic or chemical like taste. Through the whole burn. Has to be the worst box I ve ever bought.
C Hamilton in Seattle, WA January 23, 2015
These tasted like burning cardboard dipped in wax. I suffered through half the bundle and gave up trying to like them. I trashed the rest.
Chuck in North bergen April 2, 2014
I purchased two bundles and the first one I lit turned hard and black within the first half-inch of burn- something you wouldn't expect except at the end of some cigars. It was totally the worst, I am going to ask for a refund as I have 29 cigars I can't smoke.
Greg in Wood River, IL January 19, 2014
"Not bad for a cheap cigar :"
1 of 10 was bad..., but it s a really good cigar for that price!
Vasil in CA November 25, 2013
Great cigar! I was not sure about this one, but from the first light and to the end, it was smooth, spicy and sweet , really love that!!
Raz in Israel September 18, 2013
"Smooth & Tasty"
I keep around 200 cigars in my humidor and lately I reach for this Famous Dominican Selection 4000 2-3 times per week. When I first unpacked them I wasn't impressed but they get better in the humi with the cello on.
Jim Thompson in South Carolina September 5, 2013
"Pleasantly Surprised"
I got these for under twenty for a bundle. I was not expecting much at that price, but I really enjoy these cigars. Right out of the package, they have an even burn, a hint of pepper and leather, and a smooth, full, creamy smoke. They get even better with some time in the humidor.
Ted in Oregon December 8, 2012
"Great for the price"
Tried one in a sampler, liked it enough that I ordered a box. About 10% have some issue but most are a real good smoke and for the price you can't beat it. A little seasoning helps.
Cribbage in AZ July 2, 2012
"lightly spiced and pleasently sweet"
lightly spiced and pleasantly sweet. great for after dinner with coffee.
Hunt in Ozark,Mo. May 6, 2012
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10 Construction (60) 100
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