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Famous Dominican Selection 4000 Torpedo Reviews [view details]

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"great cigar for the money"
For an every day cigar, working outdoors, I think it's the best cigar you're going to get for the price.
Tony Masraff in Houston, Texas May 7, 2014
"Great cigar for the price"
Excellent value cigar. Great for everyday smoking. Cant beat the price. I Smoke these during the day and save the expensive cigars for the evening.
Tony in Houston Texas October 1, 2013
"poor performer"
The Famous Nicaraguan "K" series (any of them) are my favorite everyday cigar. I thought I would branch out and so I tried the Famous Dominican 4000 Torpedo. Although the cigar looks good, and is constructed well, the positives stop there. The cigars are wrapped too loosely, so they burn hot.Flavor-wise, they have no distinctive character. They are, though, consistent in their mediocrity. I'm going back to the Famous Nicaraguan "K" series with my next purchase.
Edmond in Ringgold GA July 18, 2012
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