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Famous Dominican Selection 5000 Reviews

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Famous Dominican Selection 5000 Churchill
"Bang for the buck!"
Sure, these are budget cigars. However, not all budget cigars are created equally and these are proof. I was very pleased with the nutty, pronounced "classic" tobacco flavours that come out of this smoke. The inconsistency in wrapper colours (from true "natural"/ EMS to colorado to double claro in the same bundle!) was almost a plus! They all seemed to compliment the surprisingly nice filler blend. These must be quality 2nds.. Decent burn, wrappers rarely unraveling, despite the occasional flaw.. Overall, surprisingly good smoke!
Lenni in New York October 4, 2012
Famous Dominican Selection 5000 Robusto
"From Hero to ZERO"
this had been my everyday cigar for years until today, smoked the third one from the last bundle and all 3 gave me a mouthful of ground up filler
John in Pasadena Texas August 26, 2012
Famous Dominican Selection 5000 Robusto
Has been my everyday cigar for years but the last bundle I bought will be just that. They really went off the cliff filler must be ground wind up with a mouthfull
John in Texas August 26, 2012
Famous Dominican Selection 5000 Toro
"I hope the other reviewer is right"
I was initially surprised by the taste, these have a nice flavor with more complexity than expected. About a quarter of them had blue stains on the wrapper, it was not mold but looked liked something spilled on them during manufacturing. The worst part is so far each one turns into an ammonia bomb about half to 2\3 through. I will pack them away for awhile and hope that goes away with time.
Anthony June 27, 2012
Famous Dominican Selection 5000 Robusto
"Not horrible"
The first one of the bundle tasted okay but was loose in the middle and burned uneven. The price was right though.
Mike in Houston, Texas February 27, 2012
Famous Dominican Selection 5000 Robusto
It may be my polite English way plus the white gloves (even when cleaning the Siamese's litter tray) but I cant fault these beauties. They smoke great outdoors, compliment shellfish for breakfast. What can I say they're a mild morning treat. Thanks Gary et'al.
ROY.R in UK October 23, 2010
Famous Dominican 5000 Corona
Inconsistent draw; difficult to keep lit; buns unevenly; bitter from first puff. Very, very disappointing.
ROY.R in UK October 23, 2010 June 4, 2010
Famous Dominican Selection 5000 Robusto
"pretty good"
the famous dominican 5000's are pretty good. honestly their strength is inconsistant. the first in the bundle was very mild, the next few medium and a few were full. they are nice though. they look cheap but are very nice so if all you are wanting is something that both looks good and tastes good, look elsewhere, if you dont care about the looks but want a cigar that has nice flavor, here it is.
mike in saranac lake ny June 22, 2009
Famous Dominican Selection 5000 Torpedo
"Relaxing Bundled Torpedo"
Toasting the end in preparation , this cigar wont remind you of a premuim, its definitely a 2nd class cigar, however the wrapper stays firmly in place and the construction is far superior to most bundles as very few of the 5000 Torpedos ive smoked canoe and i've had over a dozen of them thus far. The draw is easy and loaded with a sweet and even potent at times tobacco taste. The cigar is a solid blend that provides a premium like finish, loaded with tobacco flavour as this cigar has similarities in taste to Rocky Patels. While The blend is likely not aged for very long, it doesnt prevent it from delivering on taste and it delivers bellows upon bellows of smoke from the mid point to the finish. The construction improvement on these cigars is noticable and the blend is stil loaded with taste which reminds me of the spiciness found in Don Pepin's aged blends and Rocky Patel's seconds.
thebaby981 in LSU Country May 19, 2009
Famous Dominican Selection 5000 Robusto
"90 percent great 10 percent horrible"
I won a few bundles of 5000 robusto online. They all have perfect burn, draw and they seem to stay lit forever but about 10 percent of them seem to have a horrible tase, kind of like burning plastic but the rest of them have a great tase. They were cheap enough to where I am very happy with my purchase and dont mind tossing a few out because I really enjoy the rest of them.
Daniel in Lafayette, LA. April 26, 2009
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