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Famous Dominican Selection 5000 Reviews

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Famous Dominican Selection 5000 Toro
"Set them in the humidor and you will be suprised!"
Open the bundle and smoke one and you will not be impressed, but put them in the humidor for a couple of weeks and they are totally different. For the money my favorite (along with the 4000) everyday cigar.
Gary in Virginia August 21, 2008
Famous Dominican Selection 5000 Robusto
"Approach with caution"
Inconsistant draw, flavor, construction. Not a "Bad" Cigar. If they're cheap enough you can afford to toss a few as unsmokeable. There are some side-burners & some that won't stay lit. A few will be "Good". I'd give them a 6.5 on a scale of 10.
Waconda in San Diego March 19, 2008
Famous Dominican Selection 5000 Robusto
"eh, not so much"
Bid and got these cheap, so I'm not too torn up by the poor appearance of these robustos. Very bumpy wrappers, a couple even torn. Smoked one right out of the box, it may have been slightly damp. Construction was loose and it "ran" a bit in the burn. You can taste the "exotic" tobacco and the flavor, on the whole, is not objectionable. I will try another couple on the golf course and they will make a moocher or two happy. Will I reorder these? No, but they will have takers at the right price.
Steve June 27, 2007
Famous Dominican Selection 5000 Torpedo
I've smoked many different kinds of cigars. Ones that have been bitter, tasty, harsh, sweet, peppery, nutty, bland, strong, etc. With this cigar I will now add "repulsive" to the list. Take a green tobacco leaf, drag it through swamp mud, dry it out while adding a touch of sweetness and the result will be this. I absolutely LOVE the Nicaraguan 3000 line so I figured how bad could this be? well, it turns out, pretty damned awful. The only positive I can give it is it draws very well. I'll give the other brands in the Famous line a shot. I just hope they're better than this.
TeeJay in Lincoln, R.I. May 19, 2007
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