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Famous Dominican Selection 5000 Robusto Reviews [view details]

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Has been my everyday cigar for years but the last bundle I bought will be just that. They really went off the cliff filler must be ground wind up with a mouthfull
John in Texas August 26, 2012
"Not horrible"
The first one of the bundle tasted okay but was loose in the middle and burned uneven. The price was right though.
Mike in Houston, Texas February 27, 2012
It may be my polite English way plus the white gloves (even when cleaning the Siamese's litter tray) but I cant fault these beauties. They smoke great outdoors, compliment shellfish for breakfast. What can I say they're a mild morning treat. Thanks Gary et'al.
ROY.R in UK October 23, 2010
"pretty good"
the famous dominican 5000's are pretty good. honestly their strength is inconsistant. the first in the bundle was very mild, the next few medium and a few were full. they are nice though. they look cheap but are very nice so if all you are wanting is something that both looks good and tastes good, look elsewhere, if you dont care about the looks but want a cigar that has nice flavor, here it is.
mike in saranac lake ny June 22, 2009
"90 percent great 10 percent horrible"
I won a few bundles of 5000 robusto online. They all have perfect burn, draw and they seem to stay lit forever but about 10 percent of them seem to have a horrible tase, kind of like burning plastic but the rest of them have a great tase. They were cheap enough to where I am very happy with my purchase and dont mind tossing a few out because I really enjoy the rest of them.
Daniel in Lafayette, LA. April 26, 2009
"Approach with caution"
Inconsistant draw, flavor, construction. Not a "Bad" Cigar. If they're cheap enough you can afford to toss a few as unsmokeable. There are some side-burners & some that won't stay lit. A few will be "Good". I'd give them a 6.5 on a scale of 10.
Waconda in San Diego March 19, 2008
"eh, not so much"
Bid and got these cheap, so I'm not too torn up by the poor appearance of these robustos. Very bumpy wrappers, a couple even torn. Smoked one right out of the box, it may have been slightly damp. Construction was loose and it "ran" a bit in the burn. You can taste the "exotic" tobacco and the flavor, on the whole, is not objectionable. I will try another couple on the golf course and they will make a moocher or two happy. Will I reorder these? No, but they will have takers at the right price.
Steve in June 27, 2007
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