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Famous Dominican Selection 5000 Toro Reviews [view details]

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"I hope the other reviewer is right"
I was initially surprised by the taste, these have a nice flavor with more complexity than expected. About a quarter of them had blue stains on the wrapper, it was not mold but looked liked something spilled on them during manufacturing. The worst part is so far each one turns into an ammonia bomb about half to 2\3 through. I will pack them away for awhile and hope that goes away with time.
Anthony in June 27, 2012
"Set them in the humidor and you will be suprised!"
Open the bundle and smoke one and you will not be impressed, but put them in the humidor for a couple of weeks and they are totally different. For the money my favorite (along with the 4000) everyday cigar.
Gary in Virginia August 21, 2008
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