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Famous Exclusives Reviews

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Famous Buenos Naturales
"Not What It Used To Be"
I've been smoking these little cigars for some time now and have really enjoyed them. Used to be a great daily smoke but something changed. Supplier? Source? Filler? Manufacture Method? The last few purchases have not been so enjoyable. Very inconsistent draw, sometimes very hard ? feels like my temples are going to cave in, inconsistent burn ? sometimes they go out or start to ?canoe?, and the taste can go from nice to really nasty within one cigar. I've thrown them away at times. If I'm not going to enjoy it I won't waste my time. I don't know what happened but there has been a very obvious change and it?s certainly not for the better.
Steve in Florida November 17, 2014
Famous Buenos Maduritos
"1$ but honest 1$"
At first about shortcomings: - not the full - even mild - on my taste tobacco is a little not ready. Advantages: - the stick is well made - good draw - not bad taste - correct size. These are good cigars for every day and on few times in day. And I think that through a floor of year in a humidor they will be excellent.
Denis in Russia May 5, 2014
Famous Buenos Maduritos
Dark, oily, tasty, and cheap. Love em.
Sam in Wilmington, NC May 1, 2014
Famous Buenos Maduritos
"Good little smoke."
Grabbed a single last order and let it rest in the humi for a few weeks. Just smoked it tonight and it lasted me about 45min. Let it rest a few times and it never went out, burn and draw were great. First few draws were a bit bitter at first but that ended quick and had a good maduro/coffee taste with a lot of aged tobacco on the finish. Overall I'd give this around a 90 considering the price, plan to grab a box soon.
Travis February 1, 2014
Famous Stubbies
"Small cigar"
Save your money go for something else. Every cigar I lit up fell apart. Not happy. Remainder went in garbage.
Wayne in Seaford NY September 12, 2013
Famous Buenos Maduritos
"Great after they dry out"
This as a great smoke for the money, but they come a bit wet. If you try to smoke them right away you will have trouble keeping them lit; tight draw and then burn erratic. But, take them out of the cellophane and let then sit for a couple of months or more in the humidor, and they become the cigar you were hoping for. By "dry out" I mean come down to a 65-70 percent humidity inside and out.
Tony in Syracuse NY July 7, 2013
Famous Buenos Naturales
"Cheap delicious"
Outstanding $ 1 cigar!Creamy and soft, smooth, this is a wonderful 15 minutes. Worth to buy again!
Ivn in Kunming China May 2, 2013
Famous Buenos Naturales
"Cheap delicious"
Outstanding $ 1 cigar!Creamy and soft, smooth, this is a wonderful 15 minutes. Worth to buy again!
Ivn in Kunming China May 2, 2013
Famous Buenos Maduritos
"Great taste, but the draw?....."
I've been searching for an alternative to some of the higher priced petit coronas I enjoy, (more of an everyday smoke) and decided to give these a try. Well, I found what I was looking for, I love the taste of this cigar. Simply put, awesome, nice finish, medium-bodied, great aroma. The problem, the draw. So far I've smoked 6 of these and only one had a easy, smooth draw. I've tried different cuts, with the same result. If that issue can be worked out, this cigar is in the same league as the Drew Estate Bait Fish, Ambos Mundos Short #2 Habano or Sumatra, which are my fav's. For the price, and taste, I'm willing to draw a little harder for the time being. Long ashes!!!
Gregory in West Sacramento, CA January 15, 2013
Famous Cattivo Nero
"Good smoke"
Construction is the only issue with these cigars. Some have irregular shape, some have a tight side and a biased burn. Aside from that these are a tasty smoke. My take on these cigars is that they are Jesus Fuego practice rolls. Flavor profile,dimensions and strength are virtually identical to the Triple Siete. I'll order more.
Paul in Norman,OK December 5, 2012
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