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Famous Exclusives Reviews

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Famous Cattivo Nero
"Good smoke"
Construction is the only issue with these cigars. Some have irregular shape, some have a tight side and a biased burn. Aside from that these are a tasty smoke. My take on these cigars is that they are Jesus Fuego practice rolls. Flavor profile,dimensions and strength are virtually identical to the Triple Siete. I'll order more.
Paul in Norman,OK December 5, 2012
Famous Buenos Maduritos
"Fantatsic famous Buenos!"
A great one dollar maduro. Full of flavor! Not extremely complex, but great taste. For the price it's one of the best values going! I'm already on my second box! Great 45 minute smoke! They improve with age even after a week!!! Get a box now!
Alex in Kansas City, MO October 6, 2012
Famous Buenos Naturales
"Mixed Report"
Purchased the maduro box by mistake, but went through them anyway. I was looking for a short smoke, something you could take on a break, etc. That worked out ok. The cigars varied a bit. Some, maybe half, were rather funky and reminded me of the ones you get in the low priced bundles. The other half were pretty good, smoked well and did the job. They were more on the medium-full end flavor wise. For the price, pretty good stuff. A step up, or sideways, from Perrogies (spelling), the ones we used to call Mill Rat cigars back in South (side of) Chicago.
Sal in Arlington, VA May 30, 2012
Famous Torpedo Oscuros
Terrible construction--wrapper was flimsy and the 10/20 in the bundle canoed. Also didn't want to stay lit.
Steve in Florida April 26, 2012
Famous Buenos Naturales
These smokes are some tasty little suckers. It is my 1st box of these but had no problems with ANY of them. Will give high marks all around. Thanks again Famous for a great cigar at an affordable price!!!
Bill in Md. April 13, 2012
Famous Buenos Naturales
"Good Little Smokes"
These are some tasty little suckers and they last longer than you would expect. High marks in all respects!
Bill in Md. April 5, 2012
Famous Cattivo Biondo
"Difficult to keep one burning -lots of butane"
I've smoked 5-6 now and have had a really difficult time keeping one burning. It takes work to smoke one and lots of butane. Thats the real downside. More mild than medium. A unique sweetness. A good every day smoke.
Greg K in Idaho March 7, 2012
Famous Tucos Oscuros
"For the non-discriminating smoker..."
A real dissapointment. A nice looking stick, but loosely rolled, poorly constructed and with a taste much milder than expected. Tough to keep lit with lots of tunneling and canoeing. Pass on this if you're looking for a long, hearty smoke.
Tony Cooper in Philadelphia, PA June 3, 2011
Famous Exclusives Mini
"Just so so"
It leaves a stench after each smoke. Doesn't taste right though burns well. I'll get back to Gloria Cubana or Carlos Toreno Exodus.
KB in Bay Area in Bay Area, CA March 1, 2011
Famous Robusto Oscuros
May not be a true Oscuro, but they sure are a nice Maduro. I have smoked two so far. One right out of the box and one two days in the Humi and I have enjoyed both.
Paul in Arizona January 11, 2011
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