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Famous Buenos Maduritos
"Great $1 little Maduro...usually. Lately not."
Great little handmade Maduro, sometimes. I buy them 4 boxes at a time, and I buy a LOT. Everything you ever wanted in a goto...execpt consistancy. From Rocky like flavor to the smell of fresh manure (no hyperbole). I just need to buy a truckload and let them mellow and I would have what I want in a goto cigar. Gonna have to build a house from the boxes!
Bob in Tennessee November 4, 2010
Famous Buenos Maduritos
"right size for a good price"
I bought these a week ago and when I opened the box I was a little judgmental, but when I smoked it I found it to be a great value and it worked very well for an after meeting smoke.
nick in grand forks November 1, 2010
Famous Stubbies
"Surprised and satisfied"
Just got my first box of these little gems. Great draw, flavorful with a slight edge. 30 minutes from end to end. Great with a cup of coffee. Light up was simple with this construction. I think a little time in the humi will equal perfection. Will keep in stock.
Tony in WV September 29, 2010
Famous Stubbies
"A pleasure but too expensive"
Easy draw and spectacular construction. Price is high but if you can catch it on free shipping AND on sale then it's worth it. Realistically a box of these should be $19.99 and only sold to drive traffic to famous smoke.
Larry in DC Metro September 29, 2010
Famous Buenos Maduritos
"right size for a drive..."
good to have a small maduro that is a little bigger than a pequeno... hard to find a real smoke, real taste in a smaller package... these do quite all right...
ds in oregon June 22, 2010
Famous Buenos Maduritos
"Great for the money"
I just received my first box of these cigars. I wanted something inexpensive and small for a weekday commute cigar. The taste is wonderful, the nicotine level is strong and the smoke lasts about thirty minutes for me. The draw, however, is extremely tight. I may try jamming a paper clip in the next one and see if that helps. So long as the price remains the same, I'll keep buying these for the weekdays and save the rest of my cigar budget for premiums on the weekends.
Steven in Maryland June 14, 2010
Famous Buenos Maduritos
"pretty good"
tried one last night, wasint bad at all had a nice taste to it, good draw, even burn. would buy again for the price there at.
chris June 5, 2010
Famous Stubbies
"Highly recommended"
I threw one of these cigars in my daily deal order because shipping was free and I love figurado cigars. Unreal flavor before I even lit the cigar. I don't normally chew on my cigars but this one I kept in my mouth for a couple minutes before lighting. The tobacco has been cured perfectly. The smoke is cool and tasty. I does not bite you but is packed with sweetness. It started burning funny for a minute and corrected itself. An overall better cigar than most if not all more expensive figurados. Would I buy it at a higher price? Tough to say. At this price? Definitely, and I would get it by the box. Next is to try the maduro.
YT in PA May 16, 2010
Famous Torpedo Oscuros
"Fresh, wet and not very maduro"
I was expecting a lot more from the Famous Torpedo Oscuros. Spoiled by Motecristos #2s and La Gloria Torpedos the Famous offering did not have much to stand on. I am not sorry I bought them but I won't buy them again. Quite middle of the road.
Jim in West, the mountians May 10, 2010
Famous Stubbies
"Very nice short smoke"
I usually smoke RP Juniors for my short smoke, and thought I would give these a try. Very nice smoth smoke, good draw, and constructed well. I am anxious to try the maduro to see if it has a little more kick. If you like med/mild smokes and looking for a 15-20 minute smoke, try a box.
Rick in Long Island, NY March 23, 2010
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