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"Just so so"
It leaves a stench after each smoke. Doesn't taste right though burns well. I'll get back to Gloria Cubana or Carlos Toreno Exodus.
KB in Bay Area in Bay Area, CA March 1, 2011
"Nicaraguan Puros?"
Not, these lil guys have Dominican stamped on the box, and the export sticker label that holds the lid shut says " Hecho a mano de los mejores tobaccos del valle de Cibao" well that tranlates to made from the best tobaccos from the Cibao valley. Unless theres another Cibao valley other than the one in the Dominican these babies are Dominican. Had to argue with a customer rep for a half hour about it. My situation made it impossible for me to return them, but they made it up to me kinda. Anyway not that bad for a little Dominican, good 25 min smoke. Has that Dominican toasty flavor, was hoping for a Nicaraguan puro, oh well. Famous better check all the labels and stickers before writing a web description about a product. Some of us can read fine print even if it is in spanish!
El Tigre' in Milwaukee August 31, 2009
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