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Famous Hits From The 60's Reviews [view details]

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"Awesome 6 Cigar Sampler"
Six cigars, six winners. One of the best mini samplers I have ever purchased. The price makes it all the much better.
Rich H in Coraopolis, Pa January 23, 2012
"Hit this sampler !!!"
This is a great sampler. The biggest surprise is the Conuco. All 6 cigars were good but the Conuco stood far above the rest.
Paul Suffridge in Norman, OK July 28, 2011
"Cuban Parejo was disappointing...."
This cigar lacked depth to it, and had poor construction and burn quallity. From the time I clipped the head, till I finished 3/4 of it, I was hopeful that is would show some promise, but it did not The aroma wasn't bad, and the taste was simply "OK". Not a tasty cigar, and it flaked and fell apart as I smoked it. It was my first CP and it will be my last.
CT Buho in Bagram Afghanistan May 26, 2010
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