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Famous Honduran Selection 5000 Reviews

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Famous Honduran Selection 5000 Toro
"These are NOT cheap sticks"
Wow ,was I pleasantly surprised. AS GOOD AS any 5 to $7 stick I have smoked. At just over a buck a stick these can't be beat.. I'll be filling my humidor...
Don in Lake Hopatcong, NJ August 3, 2013
Famous Honduran Selection 5000 Robusto
"Excellent cigar"
I was looking for a solid, medium-bodied everyday cigar. I ordered a 20 pack of these on a whim and I'm glad I did. They are really great, smooth, tasty treats. For the price they absolutely cannot be beaten. I'll be ordering more in the near future.
Andrew in Salt Lake City August 1, 2013
Famous Honduran Selection 5000 Robusto
"Very Nice - Great Cigar"
Didn't expect much for the price but what a surprise. Very well make, easy draw, nice creamy smoke, great flavor. Medium to full flavor cigar right out of the bundle. Will buy again.........
Bobby in MI January 11, 2013
Famous Honduran Selection 5000 Robusto
"Excellent Cigar"
Excellent cigar. Burns straight, draws well and tastes great. Taste just like the Hoyo Excalibur Epicure. Can't beat it for the price.
David S in Round Rock, Texas January 31, 2012
Famous Honduran Selection 5000 Toro
"Superb, Consistent Cigars"
I have ordered these cigars a number of times and am thrilled each and every time. They are consistent and taste great whether I am working in my lawn or smoking after a great meal. This is a superb value that all should try. Mild -Medium in taste, well-constructed and the burn is wonderful. I love these cigars.
Al Colby in Blacklick, OH April 25, 2011
Famous Honduran Selection 5000 Robusto
"Good cigar...."
very good draw,cool burn and good flavor.Would repeat order but I wish they had this in the dark wrapper wow! would recommend.
Lark in Illinois September 28, 2010
Famous Honduran Selection 5000 Churchill
"Not bad"
Not a bad cigar for the money. Mild, pleasant taste. Burns a little fast, but draws well. Well constructed.
Eddie in Illinois September 18, 2010
Famous Honduran 5000 Petite Corona
"Good short smoke..."
I had some hang out in the humidor for almost 6 months and they turned out to be pretty decent smokes. Mild body, strong aftertaste... Good flavor though. I've ordered both the petit coronas and robustos, it's a shame these are the only size left. However, it makes for a nice 30-45 minute morning or afternoon smoke break. At this price it beats all the machine made cigars.
Gerard in Atlanta, GA July 15, 2010
Fam Honduran 5000 Double Coron
"Great Value"
Great smoke for a large cigar at a very reasonable price.
Mark in San Diego, CA February 7, 2010
Fam Honduran 5000 Double Coron
"Dang Good Cigar"
I really enjoyed these cigars. They look good, had a very good burn, good draw, and a very good taste. They are definitely on the mild side and have a lot of the same taste characteristics as a Punch Gran Cru Diademas (not as flavorful as the Diademas, but pretty darn good all the same). The only negative I have on these is that there were two sticks that were a little too tight to smoke (had to use my "draw poker" on them). But, given the price/quality ratio, I can live with two duds (I was able to smoke them). I am definitely going to buy again.
Bill K in Sioux Falls, SD September 20, 2009
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