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Famous Honduran Selection 5000 Reviews

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Famous Honduran 5000 Robusto
"Very good!"
Ive bought two bundles of these so far. Consistent from bundle to bundle. A good smooth smoke, nicely rolled and burns well though the one thing I can say is the wrapper could be a little thicker. Treat it nicely and it will give you a smooth creamy smoke right to the end. Cant beat it for the price.
Joe in Poconos September 3, 2009
Famous Honduran 5000 Petite Corona
"Mild body, but a bitter aftertaste"
The bundle arrived in good condition; all cigars seemed to be rolled well, very attractive. A nice draw, pleasant non-offensive taste. Rather too mild though, just a vague toasty flavor. Then, at the end, there was a bitter and acrid finish that lasted quite a while. Maybe ageing will improve that. Not bad for a mild $1 stick, but not the best.
Madrok in Virginia April 15, 2009
Fam Honduran 5000 Double Coron
"Good, but smoke wisely"
I'll start by saying that when the bundle arrived, the majority of the cigars had dried out in shipping. UPS took 7 days to deliver, and I'm sure the cigars suffered greatly for it. I unwisely chose the driest cigar to try first, and it fell apart in my hand. Luckily, a few of the cigars had survived the trip in excellent condition, and burned excellently all the way down. The remainder are recovering nicely in the humidor.
Thomas in Colorado April 4, 2009
Famous Honduran 5000 Corona
"Not bad for the price"
All in all, these were fine for the price. Not much to the flavor, just a toasty smoke, if a little bitter at times. Definitely not what you'd call smooth, although they may mellow with time. Construction was fine, but the roll was a little sloppy, with some wrinkled wrappers. Burn was great except where the wrinkles were, but nothing to worry about. It had a BIG volume of smoke for a nice little corona, so that was great. It didn't seem overly soft (smoked for 50 minutes), but the draw was very light. So it's hard to complain about a $1.25 smoke, but don't expect a whole lot from these and you won't be disappointed.
Rick in Riverside April 3, 2009
Famous Honduran Selection 5000 Toro
"Smooth economical smoke"
These are going to be a constant in my humidor
Dana in Torrance Ca March 18, 2009
Famous Honduran Selection 5000 Toro
"On my third bundle, great smoke for the money"
I had a few out of the bundle that had a tight draw.
SBaydoun in Dearborn Hts. March 11, 2009
Fam Honduran 5000 Super Toro
"Had just two from the bundle"
Used the punch on the first one and it didn't smoke very well. Used a V-cut on the second one and it smoked very well.
Leonard in Palm Harbor, FL February 27, 2009
Famous Honduran 5000 Robusto
"One fine smoke,for the buck!!!!"
A fine early day cigar, nice "wow" for dollar bundle.
Mark ( The Cigar) in Orangeville, Ontario, Canada January 16, 2009
Famous Honduran 5000 Robusto
"Good bundle smoke"
Lit one up fresh outta the bundle. Similar to the Honduran Value Line 500 Connecticut wrap. Mild, buttery with very light floral notes. Great morning cigar.
borndead1 in Kalamazoo, MI October 30, 2008
Amilcar Perez Castro