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Famous Mild Body Sampler 'G' Reviews [view details]

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"One Sweet Sampler"
This has to be the sweetest deal ever. All of the Cigars in the sampler are very tasty. With light creamy smoke, the taste of caramel and coffee fill your taste buds. The aroma of all of these sticks is very sweet and pleasant to the non-cigar people out there. I now have 5 new favorite cigars and will be getting a box of a few of the ones in this sampler. If you are looking for a good sweet smoke give any of these a try. My top pick is the Isla Del Sol, it has such a sweet taste and aroma. Thanks for the great picks Famous!!
Mike Grasso in East Coventry, PA March 23, 2011
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Amilcar Perez Castro
Its time to PUMP UP the savings