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Famous Monster Magma 2 Oz Hygro-Gel Humidification Jar Reviews [view details]

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"Not a Good Product. Go with Xikar."
As a test, I always leave the humidification product in my room until it dries out just to see if its working. I give it about a month, this product after a month was as new. The crystals hadn't shrunk a bit. To me, this means that the release of humidity is slow. Go with Xikar which I consider a much better and faster release. Plus, it's clear crystals. The red really doesn't appeal to me.
Cpt. Toro in New York, NY October 6, 2014
"Spot on 70%, love it"
Gave these a shot in my 125 after noticing a funkiness in my older Oasis foam bricks. After experimenting I found I needed 3 2oz units scattered about. Now after letting it sit overnight and NOT PEEKING I have a perfect 70% at 68F. Note these use the same silica gel material as the beads, just in larger chunks , think cracked ice. Worked so great I emptied one of my bead tubes where the beads were getting dark from use and refilled with excess chunks from the Hydro-Gel jar. Then I did the same with a round humidifier. This solved the bulky container issue noted in another review.
Steve in Alexandria February 21, 2014
"Looks Cool, Doesn't Work!"
Not good. I noticed some dryness and set up a data logger in my 25 cigar humidor. Pretty constant humidity average of 58% over 16 days. Max humidity of 62% at 64F. Not recommended.
Joel in Cincinnati December 9, 2012
Not impressed. I had some issues with cracking whilst using this product. I liked that it was easy to judge when it was time for replacing, but I felt it just didnt pack enough punch. For the space these take up in your box, you're better off going with alternatives imo.
Lenape in New York October 17, 2012
"I don't like it"
I gave this a fair chance in one of my Humidors and honestly, it don't work for me. It claims to regulate to 70% RH but it never got past 68%. I hd to go back to my tubes. Plus these jars (I've tried both sizes) just take up to much room in my desk top Humidors.
j'mo in Missouri September 12, 2012
"Time will tell"
I got a jar of this out of curiosity. Normaly I use the cigar size tube of beads and they work great. I put this into my big Humi and the RH went up to 77%. I'll let it settle down a bit and try again, but 77% don't get it.
Mike in Jeff City, MO August 31, 2012