Famous Monster Magma 4 Oz Hygro-Gel Humidification Jar

Humidifying Liquid
Humidification Hygro-Gel

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Humidification Hygro-Gel
My Monster Magma is filled with a secret gel that will keep your cigars fresh and flavorful for months. Simply remove the cap, place it in your humidor or other storage unit, and that's it! Available at a low Cigar Monster price, too! Order your jar now.
Yours truly,
The Cigar Monster
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"Works well enough. "
This works great in my small humidor. Varies a little more than the humidificat... more
"garbage "
Don't waste $1 on this junk. A wet paper towel is better than this goop. Kept my... more
JB in sacramento
"Works great. "
Just received my 4oz jar of Hydro-gel, almost immediately brought the humidity i... more
Mel Massey in Georgia
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