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Famous Nicaraguan 4000 Churchill Reviews [view details]

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"good "every day" smoke"
I have smoked these for awhile and find them on the whole to be very good. I did find two worm holes in one cigar in the last batch. Thought it should be brought to famous smoke's attention. Will keep buying for now, on the assumption that was a misstep, and no one's perfect.
dan in maitland, florida January 1, 2013
"Totally blocked"
I ordered a bundle of 20 with high hopes after several great bundles of the Domincan 4000. Unfortunately all but 2 cigars have been entirely blocked and unusable. I have attempted to unblock them which normally does not work, resulting in at least 70% of them going directly to the trash can. Few things make me as sad and angry as throwing away a cigar. the 2 that I've been able to smoke without any help have been great. But buying a bundle for 2 decent sticks isn't going to cut it for me. I'm not happy with these at all.
Rob in Baltimore September 17, 2012
"Excellent Smoke and Value"
Received my bundle, let them sit for a few days, first smoke was excellent, 90 minutes, great draw, long ash, well made, a mild taste and pleasure.
Robert in Seattle September 12, 2011
Well constructed cigar,nice draw,great deal
rafy in new york May 10, 2011
"A Great smoke"
Excellent taste and super construction. One of my favorites.
Frank in Philadelphia May 27, 2010
"The are absolutely excellent!"
Several long reviews are already on file so I won't go into super depth on these. Suffice it to say that these are absolutely excellent smokes. They remind me of the Nic 6000 (my favorite FSS House Cigar) but are creamier and sweeter (due to the Conn. wrapper no doubt). Without a doubt they are a "steal" at the listed price...and when they come up on the Monster they are totally without peer as a "best buy" cigar. They taste and smoke far better than most boxed cigars and represent a major coup for FSS over all other vendor's house smokes. Congrats to all at FSS and my thanks!
Blackhorse in Portland, OR September 2, 2009
"Outstanding Cigar"
I got a bundle of these cigars a couple of days ago. I couldn't wait to try one out, so I broke my "30 days in the humidor" rule and went for it. The cigar looks great. It smells awfully good as well. After cutting off the cap, I was pleased to find a perfect draw (from my perspective, not tight but not too loose either). The pre-light draw had a slight sweetness to it. The cigar smelled great while I was toasting the foot. It had a very smooth, slightly sweet taste with a hint of nuts. It had a nice, long finish. The taste maintained throughout the first third of the cigar. The second third of the cigar got a little more complex/spicy yet maintained its "creaminess" and sweetness. The last third of the cigar remained very pleasant. It was, essentially, little different then the middle third of the cigar. It never got bitter or harsh. I smoked this cigar right down to the nub. The construction and draw were flawless. I rated the taste at 80 simply because I didn't quite think it was a 90. I would have rated it an 88 if the rating scale permitted. The cigar is just to the mild side of medium with a great deal of taste (to my palate). Personally, I think this cigar is best enjoyed with a cup of joe or a light beer or wine. I am very happy with this purchase. I am definitely buying more and would definitely recommend.
Bill K. in Naples, Texas August 6, 2009
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10 Draw (76) 100
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10 Appearance (86) 100
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10 Taste (75) 100
Poor Taste Rating Excellent

10 Construction (76) 100
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