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This is similar to AB American Sun Grown Gordo I think.
Norifumi in Iwata, JAPAN September 30, 2014
The word GEM in the Famous description is spot on. This cigar was an absolute joy to smoke. Good consistent flavor through out. Above average construction. Burned even until the last 1/8th and by then it did not matter anyway. You dont have to work this stick to get a good smoke draw like some other House brands I have tried. The first Full cigar in this price range that I thoroughly enjoyed all the way to the end. It will make a regular rotation in my Humidor.
Charles in Oldsmar, Florida August 8, 2014
"A monthly staple."
These cigars are my typical monthly purchase. At the cost one might expect that these sticks are cheaply made but the reality is that they are tremendously tasty for the price. I get regular compliments on the aroma from others who smoke cigars and when I share them they tend to enjoy them too. Some palates do not like the flavor but more often than not I hear good reports.
Christopher in Oregon December 31, 2013
"Terrible Tunneling"
I am a meticulous lighter of my cigars. Almost every one of these smokes tunneled. The flavor is also not great. Don't waste your money on these.
Dave in Colorado October 3, 2013
"Good buy for your Buck"
I just received my first bundle. In the humi, 24hrs later Im very pleased. Good smoke, draw, and construction plus time make this cigar a go to everyday or friends smoke for me.
Wyatt in Medford Or February 2, 2013
"vinman like!"
I always look for a bigger maduro stick and this fits the bill.Excellent construction,burn and great taste.I won't be handing out too many of these to my buddys.
vinman in michigan November 15, 2012
"Great Cigar"
These are great cigars, especially for the price. They are constructed well and burn razor sharp. They have a good thick creamy flavor with some spice thrown in. If you are a budget minded cigar smoker, as I am, do not overlook these.
mike in shreveport,LA November 11, 2012
Having my first one of these very taste cigars. Would recommend for a every day smoke.
Gary in Columbia, MO August 16, 2012
"Good cigars"
My palette really enjoyed the flavor of these cigars. They are reminiscent of the CAO Maduro. They have a great, hearty aroma.
James in Oregon June 20, 2011
"Get what you pay for. Poor quality and taste."
I got a bundle of 20 of these because they were cheap and I have been looking for a larger cigar that won't break the bank. At the price they are I wasn't expecting much, but I was really disappointed when I received them. I tried 2 myself and had two friends try them, just to be sure it wasn't a bad stick, but these cigars really are just bad. The construction is alright, not amazing but for what it was I was impressed that it wasn't falling apart like many in this price range do. They look pretty good from the outside, as most maduros do, but upon closer inspection the wrapper is dotted with imperfections and just seems to be poor quality. When it came down to business though the cigar is just plain bad. Flavor is almost non-existent which one would not expect from a maduro, and what there is is bitter and inconsistent. There were also major burn problems with canoeing and strange bits not wanting to burn. Overall I would say pass on this cigar and look for something else. Even if you did like the taste of the cigar, the problems with flavor and draw are so poor that I would think it un-enjoyable. As for myself, I have 16 cigars I don't know what to do with now.
James in USA June 18, 2011
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