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Famous Nicaraguan Selection 1000 Lonsdale Reviews [view details]

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"Not worth the trouble"
Bought these on sale in bundle of 20-4 were plugged, 3 were damaged and all but one unraveled apon lighting-the one that did survive was very good, so I paid 19 bucks for one stick lol..if you don't mind smoking a cigar with a busted wrapper then go for it. Sorry FSS it's only premium smokes from here on out.
Fred in Los Angeles August 4, 2009
"mild inexpensive smoke"
This cigar is milder than I expected and has a earthy flavor. A good cigar to set back and relax with, has a good even burn and stays lit well, but a bit too mild for my tastes.
Michael in Ohio July 20, 2009
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10 Consistency (54) 100
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10 Draw (68) 100
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10 Appearance (54) 100
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10 Taste (60) 100
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10 Construction (54) 100
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