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Famous Nicaraguan Selection 1000 Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"Not to my liking!"
If you like sugar coated swisher sweet type cigars, these are for you. Yuk!! Gave me serious heart burn. Sent them back.
Toadfalto in Duluth MN March 10, 2009
I just smoked the first stick from a bundle I received yesterday. I forgot it was a value cigar. I took this one to the nub, and it was a great smoke all the way down. In addition to the good flavor, the construction was impeccable: even burn, firm white ash (whitest I've ever seen), near perfect draw. I hope the rest of the bundle is this good! This could well be the perfect value cigar.
Marcos El Malo in Los Angeles January 21, 2009
"Good stuff, can't beat the price."
Not too shabby, just had my first. Will be ordering more, can't beat the price.
marcus in san bernardino October 7, 2008
"So good, the neighbors noticed!"
Seriously, I was driving one sunny Sunday afternoon. I was smoking this FSS Nic 1000 robusto and at the signal light, a guy pulls up beside me in the turn lane, rolls down his window and shouts out that my cigar smells amazing. He was driving his Beemer. I drive an Escort. But I was definitely the richer dude that day. I love these cigars!
Jim in Oregon August 21, 2008
"Very good, economical price"
When the Famous Nicaraguan 1000 Robusto was recently on sale, I thought I'd try a Presidente (of the same line) to remind me, so I could make a better decision about ordering the Robustos. The FSS N3K's are at the top for me, but the Presidente was awfully close. So, I went ahead and ordered the 1K Robustos. I let them sit in the humidor for a couple days, then had one after a RP Corojo 6x60 Second, which was very dense, heavy and strong ... more a cool weather cigar for me. It was a pretty warm and humid night, so the lighter N1K Robusto was an excellent chaser to the heavy duty RP 6x60. The draw was easy, the smoke was sweet all the way down to the last inch. Just hit the spot. It was less dense than the Presidente, and also not as firm and weighty as the N3K (which I normally prefer), but that's fine, especially, for the discounted price (less than a buck) and for warmer summer weather. Thanks FSS, for the good cigar and the affordable price in these tight economic times.
S.P. in Northern Virginia August 2, 2008
"Sweet deal"
better than expected. nice draw, even burn rate and a toothy sweet aftertaste. this may be my evryday gar for a while.
Sam O in Texas July 30, 2008
"GREAT Cigars!"
I have smoked many different cigars for years. All different brands super premiums, bundles...These are Super cigars for the money. Great Draw, even burn loaded with flavor...If you dont need a fancy box and just a great smoke look no further..I will buy them again..I would say FOUR stars.
Matt in Upstate NY February 16, 2008
"Good Cigar"
This is a very good smoke. Sweet, mild, good draw and well made. The Indonesian wrapper adds some nice spice. It is now one of my favorite daily go-to cigars.
Steve S. in Woodbury, CT October 18, 2007
"This is the best cigar deal at Famous Smoke Shop"
I just finished my 3rd bundle and never a bad one. the smoke is pure nature, the draw is perfect, the burn is even and slow..beautiful solid white ash.. this is the best deal Famous offers !!!!
Chip in Cape Cod September 24, 2007
"Very Nice Cigar for the Money"
I finished 5 of these out of a bundle and they were ALL VERY NICE! Nice sweet smoke compares to Flor de Olvia I have been smoking. I'm glad I ordered a bundle. This is now on my list of favorites
wideglide1 in NY August 24, 2007
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