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Famous Nicaraguan Selection 1000 Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"Harsh,harsh..great as a chew."
Before lighting, I was already coughing. I couldn't enjoy it as a smoke. However, this is the first cigar that I enjoy by not smoking it. This is my go-to cigar that I get to enjoy while working. This one I get a great spicy flavor and can work away. If you use chewing tobacco, this might be an alternative if you don't have access to a spittoon.
Brian in Los Angeles, CA April 4, 2013
"Worth the price"
Bought these as a chewing cigar and they're fine. When they first arrived, I lit one and it was terribly bitter. Waited a couple of weeks for some humidor seasoning and tried another - much, much better. It's about a 40 minute smoke with good burn, great draw, and a punch packing finish. These are still my chewers, not my smokers; but if I need a decent quick smoke, I grab one of these.
Nunya B in Central US December 14, 2011
"Nice smoke, good value."
I purchased these as value priced alternative to Romeo Y Juileta 1875. I think I found my every day smoke. The wrapper is sweet and the smoke is smooth and aromatic. A consistent smoke from beginning to end. The draw is a little tight but I think it adds a little character. Excellent construction.
AJ in Brooklyn August 19, 2011
"Always good to the last puff"
I've tried the Toro, Churchill,Torpedo and now the Robusto. Always good, always consistant. Lots of flavor, good draw. For my money these are the best value Famous has to offer.
Carl in Ohio August 12, 2011
"not that good"
It was harsh did not taste good at all. I have had way better $2 cigars.
Al in N.Y. August 10, 2011
"good cigar...I'm impressed"
I bought a couple of these as singles . They were excellent . Nice burn , though the draw was a little tight. I'll buy more.
Charlie in Richmond,VA November 19, 2010
Great...great CIGAR!!! WOW!!!
Attila in New Jersey September 5, 2009
Pretty decent for an affordable, daily smoke. The sweetened tip takes a little bit of the edge off of the slightly bitter start.
Bob in Tucson, AZ July 9, 2009
"Sweet cap???"
I thought these had a sweet cap? When I think of a sweet cap, I think of the Acid Kuba Kuba or similar. I don't taste any sweetness to these. They do burn well though. I guess I can't complain for what I paid for these. Won't buy again though.
bolman in Chicago July 4, 2009
"Suprisingly good"
In my search for a low cost everyday cigar I ran accross the Nicaraguan 1000 Robusto, saw the price and thought, what are they trying to push here. I read the reviews which were mostly positive and had to see for myself. I ordered a bundle and lit 1 up the day I got them. I made the mistake of using a punch cut. The wrapper seemed to tear at the top and this cigar was ruined. So I grabbed another and carefully with a double blade cutter made the cut. O.K. that worked. Fired it up. It had a nice easy draw, lots of beautiful white smoke. The burn was perfect, I finished the cigar and didn't have to re-lite or make any touchups. Nice white ash. I was very impressed. It seemed to me to be a mild to medium bodied cigar, nice spicy, slightly sweet with earthy undertones. Definitly the best value cigar I've tasted up to date.
Spike in The Gold Coast Nassau County June 25, 2009
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