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Famous Nicaraguan Selection 1000 Toro Reviews [view details]

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"Great, Love on first stick"
Handed out sticks to friends in informal cigar club. Had to hide the rest of the bundle. Great inexpensive cigar. Has the feel and taste of some of the most expensive from Nicargua.
Joe in Berlin, Maryland March 21, 2008
"A very respectable cigar,,.well worth the price."
This is the same review I posted for the Robusto size of this cigar. The Toro is essentially the same as the Robusto while giving you a longer smoke. This is a very good smoke for the price. Sweet, mild, good draw and well made. The Indonesian wrapper adds some nice spice. It is now one of my favorite daily go-to cigars.
Steve S. in Woodbury, CT October 18, 2007
"A lot for a little."
At the time of this writing you essentially get a 2-for-1 deal. At $25 I wasn't expecting much and with the two-fer I thought to myself "oh man, these are gonna suck"....but that never turned out to be the case. The first 3rd is a pretty standard yet decent yard cigar. After that point i don't know what happens but thing turns into one of the tangiest and flavorful smokes I've had in a while. If you've ever smoked a Camacho Coylar Puro you'll know exactly the experience I had.....they were that tangy. The few I had following that first one vary somewhat in strength but over all they were about as good. Part of the reason for the inconsistency seems to be that these are obviously made of trimmings (cut one open and look) but trimmings from some very high quality leaf nonetheless. DO NOT USE A PUNCH on these. It doesn't allow the full flavor to come through. A full cap cut is the order of the day. With the current special this is a total no-brainer if you're not a cigar snob. Good stuff!
BrillKill in R.I. October 11, 2007
"Cigar Philosophy 102"
After reading some of the past reviews I decided to give my opinion on "Cigar Philosophy". 1)Don't wear suits. There is no such thing as a comfortable suit 2)Date cheap women but be careful. I bet a lot of us have very fond memories of "cheap women", if you get my point 3)Don't drink cheap coffee, beer or scotch 4)Don't smoke bad cigars.......... I got 2 bundles of these cigars and at first was not very happy with them. But with time in a humidor they have become quite nice. Solid construction, even burn and decent flavor but some have a very strong flavor. Good cigar for an "everyday type" smoke.
Steve in Iowa August 13, 2007
"Great Taste Good Burn"
This is a cigar with a slightly sweet and nutty flavor that you can enjoy anytime during the day or evening. You may find one in the bundle a little tight but overall these have a real easy draw. I prefer the toro size. I look forward to lighting one of these and consider this my personal favorite. Sure you could pay more but why? these look taste and burn well. Enjoy!!!
SA in Houston Texas July 27, 2007
"Cigar Philosophy 101"
In the fullness of time I've come to realize there are four basic rules that should guide a man's life. 1)Don't wear cheap suits 2)Don't date cheap women 3)Don't drink cheap scotch 4)Don't smoke cheap cigars I'm not complaining mind you. I'm adult and I can take responsibility for my own mistakes
Gene in Highlands Ranch, CO May 18, 2007
"Great smoke!"
I can only agree with the other reviews-great smoke, fantastic draw, decent taste. You can't go wrong with this bundle.
Dave in Colorado March 23, 2007
"Good smoke at a decent price!"
I find these smokes burn well, draw well, and they are very consistent. For some reason, they seem to get more flavorful as they burn down. The price is decent too...They have the qualities of much more expensive cigars.
Bob Ederer in AR November 6, 2006
"First French draw and it was a home run!"
Ho-ho-ho! What a surprise! The 1000 Toro burned better than the last Fuente I had, and the taste was very, very good. The stick started out mild, but near the end, there was some kick. For the price, you'll not find better satisfaction and enjoyment. Now... when is a maduro version coming out?
Don McKay in SC September 20, 2006
smooth and tasteful to the end
Jonathan Silverman in Israel September 4, 2006
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