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Famous Nicaraguan Selection 1000 Toro Reviews [view details]

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"Comfortable Romance"
I was intrigued to meet this tall, long legged fox by happenstance while shopping down town one day. I had taken a class with her in college, and never got a chance to know her because she had a boyfriend back then. Early in the conversation, she let me know in no uncertain terms that the old boyfriend was a jerk and she was not interested in him anymore. We decided to take a day trip to the local ocean beach. She said it wasn't a date because we were already good friends. While driving to the coast, we had a comfortable conversation, and realized that we had lots of shared interests. I didn't feel the usual stress of dating. It wasn't like I had to keep thinking about what to say next. As we got out of the car to walk to the sands, she removed her terry cloth skirt to reveal a G-string style bikini and slipped into a pair of mule high heels. My heart was pounding at double speed, but she made jokes saying, "Nothing says I love you better than a tight piece of spandex up the but." I was blushing, but I pulled it together and managed to behave like a gentleman. As we walked on the beach, she asked me to hold her heels and a sheer silk scarf. We had lots of laughs, and eventually I was able to get past the revealing qualities of her attire. Later we decided to visit some galleries on the boardwalk. I was surprised such a small silk scarf could fit around her narrow hips. A few gray haired ladies gave her sneering glares, and one lady actually punched her husband in the arm. I felt proud to be walking arm in arm with my old school buddy. Usually when a girl says she just want to be friends I get bummed, but I sensed this comfortable day trip would end up in much more than just friends!
Nightjoe in Idaho July 17, 2006
"Good tasting cigar for the price"
I had to throw five cigars from the bundle away because they were wraped so tight that I could not draw through them. The rest of the bundle was great. Good draw,even burn and tasted great. I'll get some more.
John in Minnesota July 2, 2006
"A needle in a haystack?"
Joker here....I purchased these in my last order, after a friend turned me on to the Nicaraguan 3000. It was surprisingly good for a value bundle, but I wanted something a little milder. After reading reviews and descriptions,I saw these, flipped a coin, and took a chance. Yahtzee! These things are two kinds of alright, if you ask me. The slightly sweet cap gets you chewing, and the spicy caramel notes on the back end keep you interested the whole way in this one. Nice draw, solid construction, take this one home and marry it! Famous is making friends every time someone buys this cigar, I'm sure. Well done!
The Joker in Ohio May 3, 2006
"Good flavor, burn problems"
Almost every cigar from this bundle burns irregularly and is tough to keep lit. The flavor is good, however.
Spiros in Laurens, SC April 15, 2006
"Very pleased"
This was my first try of this gently priced bundle. These have a sweet start that firms up a bit as you smoke it. VERY smooth, easy draw, and good construction. The finish is also pleasant. Looking forward to my next bundle!
Michael Stewart in Chicago White Sox! March 31, 2006
"nice easy smoke"
A very nice enjoyable smoke.Has just a little sweet taste at the start.Nice smooth draw.I think this will become one of my favorites.
Boud in Clearwater,Fl January 27, 2006
"Best bargain smoke I've had"
My cigar shipments from Famous usually consist of half premiums and half bargain smokes, usually Value Lines. I just got a shipment that included the new Famous Nicaraguan 1000 toros, and after smoking a couple feel compelled to share my find here. Bluntly put, this is a damn fine cigar! I haven't smoked enough to really speak about consistency, of course, but for flavor (and construction) so far, I can say this is the best bargain cigar I've ever had. Caveat: I prefer "full-flavored" cigars, so if you're a Macanudo natural fan, just ignore this. I've spent over $2,000 on cigars from Famous this year alone, so this isn't being written by some cigar novice. And I also post in these forums if I dislike a cigar, so I'm not just sucking up to Famous. (I would suck up to them if I thought I'd get some freebies out of them, but I've never heard of that happening!) If I've just happened to hit the two that are this good and the rest are lousy, I'll post that fact later. For now, though, my advice is to try a bundle.
lds in Korea December 2, 2005
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10 Appearance (84) 100
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10 Taste (85) 100
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10 Construction (82) 100
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