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Famous Nicaraguan Selection 2000 Reviews

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Famous Nicaraguan Selection 2000 Toro
"A Cheap AMS"
I have smoked a couple bundles of these and me and my buddies think they taste alot like Rockys AMS never had a bad one out of the bundles and the sticks are well made. nice burn, draw and flavor. give them a try not as good as AMS but close in profile and quality.
Ken Christensen in Sammamish Washington January 11, 2011
Famous Nicaraguan Selection 2000 Toro
"Very good cigar"
I smoke this cigar almost exclusively and for the cost it is outstanding.
Thomas Lillard in Oklahoma January 7, 2011
Famous Nicaraguan Selection 2000 Torpedo
"A decent cigar!"
I own a bundle of these cigars and I have to say I love the taste, but I have a problem keeping it lit. I think it's still a great cigar for the price.
Zach in Ada, Oklahoma November 21, 2010
Famous Nicaraguan Selection 2000 Robusto
"Like smoking a cowpie"
Based on gushing reviews at such a skinny price tag, I decided to give these a try. They are foul. Don't buy these. They smell like cow manure - nice grass mixed with feces smell that really entices you to light up and take a smooth, deep draw. Not. I need to find out if I can return the remaining 19. Ughh. I wish theses guys would consistently have my favorite Arturo Fuente (which is rare)so I wouldn't be gambling on these caca sticks.
JM in Atlanta October 8, 2010
Famous Nicaraguan Selection 2000 Churchill
Skip this one!
1goodguy in Ellenton, Fla. September 24, 2010
Famous Nicaraguan Selection 2000 Toro
"Great appearance, construction, all around great!"
I am usually a Maduro smoker, but am a little burned out on strong smokes. I saw these on the site and decided to try something milder. When they arrived I busted one out and wow, what a great looking cigar. They have a very sweet tobacco smell and are very good as compared to some of the more expensive sticks. I have smoked 2 of these in the last two days and am very happy with the purchase. I might have to mix my smokes up a little more often now. I can sympathize with the guy who had problems, but with any product there have to be a few duds somewhere, move on.
Steve in Texas June 24, 2010
Famous Nicaraguan Selection 2000 Toro
I thought there was a suprising amount of complexity in this cigar. Only had one so far but my next two should help solidify my opinion. There was a smooth nutmeg texture/almost flavor throughout, though much more pronounced during the first and second thirds. Very interesting, not what I expected. Mellow and good spice throughout, never overpowering.
Mark in Denver, CO June 12, 2010
Famous Nicaraguan Selection 2000 Toro
These sticks don't deserve a rating....I had two that wouldn't even light, much less stay lit. Multiples of issues, and cannot warn you enough to stay away from these.
phil in San Luis Obispo Ca. March 12, 2010
Famous Nicaraguan Selection 2000 Churchill
"Very Acceptable"
I've been smoking this cigar, mainly the churchill, for some time now, and I find them to be very consistent, good draw, nice burn, and the price seems right
steven l in rockford February 22, 2010
Famous Nicaraguan Selection 2000 Robusto
"Was a Great Smoke with a good draw"
I was looking for a good cigar for work. I frequently have to throw my cigar out unfinished and needed a cheaper everyday cigar. These fit the bill wonderfully. They have a great draw which is one of my pet peeves and good flavor. I also took them to the hunting trailer and all the guys enjoyed them. I will definitely being purchasing more.
Todd in Indiana February 15, 2010
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