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Famous Nicaraguan Selection 2000 Toro Reviews [view details]

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"Great appearance, construction, all around great!"
I am usually a Maduro smoker, but am a little burned out on strong smokes. I saw these on the site and decided to try something milder. When they arrived I busted one out and wow, what a great looking cigar. They have a very sweet tobacco smell and are very good as compared to some of the more expensive sticks. I have smoked 2 of these in the last two days and am very happy with the purchase. I might have to mix my smokes up a little more often now. I can sympathize with the guy who had problems, but with any product there have to be a few duds somewhere, move on.
Steve in Texas June 24, 2010
I thought there was a suprising amount of complexity in this cigar. Only had one so far but my next two should help solidify my opinion. There was a smooth nutmeg texture/almost flavor throughout, though much more pronounced during the first and second thirds. Very interesting, not what I expected. Mellow and good spice throughout, never overpowering.
Mark in Denver, CO June 12, 2010
These sticks don't deserve a rating....I had two that wouldn't even light, much less stay lit. Multiples of issues, and cannot warn you enough to stay away from these.
phil in San Luis Obispo Ca. March 12, 2010
"Wow. What a pleasant surprise."
Flor Oliva toros have been my daily smoke for years but they always seemed to be back ordered but for their churchills which just aren't up to par. Took a chance on the 2000's and what a very, very pleasant suprise it was. Mild taste. Great draw. Little puff maintenance. Could be a 2 hr smoke if careful. These were the 6x50's. It will be my daily smoke replacing the Flor de Oliva's unless I get a really bad batch.
Don I. in Myrtle Beach, SC January 24, 2010
After smoking the Nic 1000 and 3000, I wanted to try the Nic 2000. I found this stick to be at best mediocre. A very soft cigar with a crocked burn, moderate amount of smoke, OK aroma and not much flavor. Glad I got these very cheap on auction. The Nic 1000 is significantly better, as is the 3K.
Carl in Ohio June 8, 2009
"Not bad"
I'm new to cigar smoking and received one of these cigars in a sampler pack. Initially the cigar ran about an inch down one side, but corrected itself quickly. I did not need to relight. The flavor is very mild, but the smoke was pleasant and lasted a while. There were other glaring issues. Definitely not sorry I smoked this.
Thomas in Colorado March 26, 2009
"Newbie found his deal"
Apparently Nicaraguan fits my pallet. I like the creamy after taste.
SAM in Texas July 13, 2008
"Very good smoke at a great price!"
I am pleasantly suprised by this cigar. Very good taste and draw.
Bill M in Eastern PA June 10, 2008
"A great Mild Cigar"
The cigar is amazing for a mild cigar, and you cannot beat the value. The flavor is mild, with a hint of spice. Even my wife like the aroma. A++ construction, and a good strong ash. I have found a great lawn mowing cigar. Great Job Famous.
Steven in Nebraska August 16, 2007
"Good taste but falls apart"
I've tried the Famous Domincans and Hondurans and been pleasantly suprised with their taste and quality but I struck out with this one. Even after giving them some humidor time they continue to fall apart on me.
Bruce Snelgrove in FL February 24, 2007
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