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These cigars really have nothing worth buying about them. The taste is poor and the construction is terrible. If you want an inexpensive everyday cigar, the Value Line bundles are much better.
Fred in Little Rock, AR March 19, 2014
"Don't waste your money on these..."
Thought I was buying a mild cigar. This is the worst cigar I've ever smoked. Very disappointed to have purchased a bundle. Will stay with the higher quality samplers.
Michael in California August 29, 2011
"Don't Waste Your Money"
I read the reviews, looked at the cigars makeup and thought I was buying a mild smoke... these are the harshest, worst cigars I have ever purchased. Going to stick with the quality samplers.
Michael in California August 29, 2011
"NOT BAD FOR THE PRICE" a great mild to medium taste a good value cigar, a problem keeping it lit.it's still a good deal.
shocking in new york June 21, 2011
"Good value. Great shape. Full Taste."
A month or two in the humidor out of the wrappers helps the burn and melds the flavors.
Tom in Omaha April 13, 2011
"A decent cigar!"
I own a bundle of these cigars and I have to say I love the taste, but I have a problem keeping it lit. I think it's still a great cigar for the price.
Zach in Ada, Oklahoma November 21, 2010
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