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Famous Nicaraguan Selection 3000 Reviews

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Famous Nicaraguan Selection 3000 Robusto
"Not as good as lot of cigars I order from Famous"
I've enjoyed a lot of great smokes from Famous, this was not one of them. Shape of cigar was the first hint that this wouldn't be a diamond in the bundle rough. The pack was loose so not a great smoking cigar, flavor was okay more harsh then Full-Body.
Tman in South East PA May 28, 2013
Famous Nicaraguan Selection 3000 Grande Robusto
"Can't often believe reviews."
I always try and find a bargain and chose based on other's comments/reviews. To me these are near tasteless. They are not so bad that I feel I need to send them back. However, I would not recommend them.
David in Atlanta April 28, 2013
Famous Nicaraguan Selection 3000 Robusto
"Great Cigar"
I've run with this and the torpedo style in the series and have only good things to report. Cigar holds the light, has a solid, white ash and is consistent from start to end. One of those bargain cigars that would be hard to tell without the band from the expensive ones. Burns fairly slow, and goes for a good 45 minutes if you puff on it. Overall, highly recommend these. Especially if you're looking to save a few bucks and don't want to give up expensive taste, etc.
Sal in Arlington, VA April 21, 2013
Famous Nicaraguan Selection 3000 Robusto
"Favorite yard gar"
Great full flavor cigar,best bundle cigar I've smoked yet. Let them set in the humi for at least two weeks. They only get better with time!
chris in kentucky February 11, 2013
Famous Nicaraguan Selection 3000 Toro
"No flavor!"
I bought these over eight years ago and they were great, this year I thought I'd try them again, boy was I disappointed, every stick is dry and has no taste and that's after ageing for three months...
derk in san francisco January 8, 2013
Famous Nicaraguan Selection 3000 Toro
"Better after a month"
Right off the truck, the wrappers were brittle and the smoke was good but one dimensional. After a month in a the 78% rh humidor, these transformed... much more complex, I get coffee/nutty/earthy flavors. The wrappers no longer crack, but still a tight draw sometimes. Overall, will keep these in the rotation.
Mike in Brooklyn, NY November 9, 2012
Famous Nicaraguan Selection 3000 Torpedo
Poorly rolled,very loose. Doesn't mature into anything much either. Not what I expected.
Creekend in UK October 21, 2012
Famous Nicaraguan Selection 3000 Robusto
"Best Budget Cigar"
The best budget cigar I have smoked. This cigar rivals those that are 5xs its proce and is still highest of quality. I will be purchasing more. Awesome taste, medium to full bodied at times. The best to keep in the humidor for an anytime smoke.
Kyle in High Point, NC September 30, 2012
Famous Nicaraguan Selection 3000 Grande Robusto
"I'm pleasantly surprised!"
I wasn't to impressed at first, but as I smoked a few more, these really began to grow on me. I got to the point where I really appreciated the flavor and the size characteristics. I'm buying another 20 now.
Doug in San Diego August 28, 2012
Famous Nicaraguan Selection 3000 Torpedo
"A Super House Brand"
Great house-brand cigar! Good construction, burn, consistency, draws a little tight, slow-burning, good taste all the way down to the last inch. What more could you aks for?
AlanJ in Florida August 28, 2012
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