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Famous Nicaraguan Selection 3000 Grande Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"$2 flavor"
The construction is quite good for a cheap cigar. While the smoking characteristics are okay, the flavor is predominately leather with a little spice. The finish exposes the inexpensive tobacco. It's not harsh, it's just not good. It's a cheap cigar and if anyone is of the opinion that this is every bit as premium as a $6-8 cigar either doesn't know any better or is kidding themselves...
Tim in Milwaukee July 27, 2011
"not bad"
This cigar is good for the price, however, the packaging of my cigars flattened them out and they are poorly constructed.
in June 9, 2011
"DISGUSTING !!!!!!!!!!!!"
Other reviewers must have started smoking cigars yesterday. Tastes like a Phillies (cardboard filler). I realize these are cheap cigars but "Come On Guys. I am a first time customer but can't trust your rating system.
Patrick in New Mexico May 29, 2011
An excellent cigar! I was pleasently surprised at both the construction and taste of this cigar. I was expecting a cheap and inferior smoke due to the price but what I got was a prize winning one. I definitely recommend this one!
James in Oregon September 26, 2010
I am new to Famous and was surfing the site when I cam across these. Read the reviews plus they were on sale so I added them to my order. What a find!. They are mild, flavorful, smooth and delicious. Plus they are beautiful. Great wrappers; slow, smooth burn; and soft easy smoke. I will definitely order again.
Therm in Thousand Oaks, CA June 29, 2010
"nice smoke"
you would think price is why this cigar is attractive...until you smoke it. I have had a bundle aging for over a year and pulled one out tonight. the burn has been slow and consistent. the draw was a little tough at first (and i mean little), but in no time became very easy. the taste is very good, and price for price, it can stand with the big boys. excellent smoke, as i am sure you all know since supplies run out quickly.
Scott in Kansas August 3, 2009
Just found one of these burried in my humi today, three years rest on it. Draw problems again (little smoke) for the first inch, then it opened up. Wonderful taste till the midpoint, then it got pretty boring. Then BOOM, what a finish of pepper. Of course I found and enjoyed this while Famous is outta these (again...).
Jamie in Southern Oregon July 26, 2009
"Great Cigar... Great Value"
I've been smoking cigars for a handful of years now. In that time I've built a collection of boxes of 'premium' cigars... some of my favorites being Pepin's, Litto Gomez, and Illusione. That being said- these cigars aren't cheap. Seeing as how I'm not the founder of Microsoft I've been searching for a good quality cigar that's under a few bucks. Time after time I've smoked exactly what I paid for... CRAP! UNTIL NOW!!! These cigars are EXACTLY what I've been looking for. There described genuinely and all of the positive reviews are dead on. Now I can enjoy a great quality cigar everyday, multiple times a day. I let my 'expensive' cigars age for special occasions, and to tell the truth; I don't even miss them!!! Great job Famous!
Matt in Ohio December 13, 2008
"Stuck with a Bad Stick"
I usually enjoy most 6 X 60 sticks especially Don Tomas Corojo 660 and Indian Tabac Super Fuerte Super Gordo so I was looking forward to trying these 3000 Grande Robusto. Big Mistake ! These should be called " Grande Disappointment " because they are one of the most flavorless 6" X 60 ring guage cigars that I have ever smoked.
Daddyo in NY December 1, 2008
"Stuck with a Bad Stick"
I love almost all 6 X 60 cigars that I have tried especially Don Tomas Corojo 660 & Indian Tabac Super Fuerte Super Gordo so I had high hopes for these highly touted sticks. Boy ; were these a letdown...Simply put; these are the flatest, most tasteless sticks I have ever had. Bad sticks at any price.
Daddyo in NY November 30, 2008
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