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Famous Nicaraguan Selection 3000 Grande Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"Great Smoke"
I am always expecting for bundle cigars to have issues with roll and burn but these were awesome! Every smoke was perfect and exceeded my expectations. I am a fan now. All I need now is to get them in from backorder:
Dominic Russo in Indianapolis August 28, 2014
"Excellent Cigar"
Nice cigar! Nice slow burn. Great deal!
JG in Smyrna February 24, 2014
"Can't often believe reviews."
I always try and find a bargain and chose based on other's comments/reviews. To me these are near tasteless. They are not so bad that I feel I need to send them back. However, I would not recommend them.
David in Atlanta April 28, 2013
"I'm pleasantly surprised!"
I wasn't to impressed at first, but as I smoked a few more, these really began to grow on me. I got to the point where I really appreciated the flavor and the size characteristics. I'm buying another 20 now.
Doug in San Diego August 28, 2012
"Very good for price"
I've been smoking premium cigars for over 25 years, and this cigar is every bit as good, or better than many cigars in the $6-8 retail range. I purchased 2 bundles several months ago, and haven't had a bad stick yet. Not alot of complexity, but well-worth the price, nonetheless.
David in NW IN August 8, 2012
"Tasted good, smells awful!!!"
While the taste of this stick is good for an inexpensive cigar (not great, just good), the aroma is AWFUL. I was threatened with ejection from my favorite cigar bar if I didn't put it out.
Jeffrey in Lower Heidelberg, PA April 26, 2012
"Not bad at all"
I'd say im a novice smoker.I got one of these in a sampler (#16 best of 2011). At 46 bucks a bundle(2bucks a stick) id have to say its a damn good cigar on first impressions. One thing i have to complain about is that the one i got was cracked :(. On light up i got lots of spics up front,or that "Nicaraguan ZinG!" as its come to be known,as well as leather.A bout 2/3rds in the spice and zing mellowed and i got some nice mild chocolate,but mostly earth,leather and a little spice.The rest of the way the flavors remained constant but came and went giving it some complexity. The burn staid somewhat constant even with the cracked wrapper.The smoke was somewhat dry. I will most likely buy a bundle to put some age on them.
A.Stovall in Florida January 12, 2012
"Good cigar"
Any time I sample a house blend and enjoy it VERY MUCH it is a surprise. Very smooth, mild spice, medium flavored cigar. Good enough to for me to have to sample the remaining Famous house blends. Defienently worth a try,
Rich H in Coraopolis, Pa November 10, 2011
"Good FSS N3K GR"
I revisited the Famous Nicaraguan 3000 Grande Robusto this evening ... hadn't had one in quite awhile ... the wrapper had a yellowish tint to it ... the cigar looked and smelled good ... it had a shape that reminds me of the new San Lotano Oval cigars ... it lit up well, started out mild and maybe moved to medium ... it wasn't a wow, this is a great smoke moment, but it was very good ... the draw was just right, the burn was dead even, no problems ... I have graduated to stronger smokes, but do like to mix it up with a nice variety ... I used to think it was on the stronger side of medium, but now I'd put it right in the center ... unfortunately I had to leave the cigar to tend to duties and on the relight the predominant taste was ash, it did get stronger but the good flavor was overcome. Now I know from over the years reading the reviews, this cigar seems to have undergone some changes by those who have consistently smoked them ... I am not reviewing a recent purchase, it was at least a year or two old ... so I'm sorry to read the most recent reviews which pan the cigar ... God bless Famous for not censoring negative reviews ... so that's why I try to be fair and state the age of the cigars I'm reviewing and approximately how many cigars it's based upon ... I've heard experienced cigar enthusiasts say that even with some of the most expensive cigars they've gotten bum sticks ... it happens, they are handmade and the quality of a bunch of tobacco may have been off, not detectable by sight. So I can't attest to the quality of the N3Ks being sold now, but I have had many of the different vitolas and my experience has been overwhelmingly positive ... one thing I would like to know is who makes them ... what factory, what tobacco, how long aged, etc. just for my cigar education. Thanks, FSS for some darn good sticks ... please make sure cigars like these which have established a good reputation, continue to be worthy of that reputation.
S.P. in Northern VA September 13, 2011
"Not worth the money"
Probably the most disappointing thing I have purchased here. A bit harsh with uneven burn. But they certainly were all consistent.
Bill B in Virginia September 12, 2011
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10 Construction (88) 100
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