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Famous Nicaraguan Selection 3000 Presidente Reviews [view details]

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"I love 'em"
These are a fine stick for the price. I'm an avid searcher of cheap quality and this is the best yet.
Steve in Saint Anthony, Idaho May 16, 2008
"Excellent cigar, rich full body, excellent taste"
I bought two bundles of these on a special deal, what a surprise! Excellent full bodied smoke, great construction with an easy draw, a real pleasure to smoke. Please don't change the blend, you got it just perfect, I plan to buy a whole lot more of these beauties!
Keith in Lathrop CA February 19, 2008
"Nice smoke for the $$$"
Rectangular box shape, firm, nice looking wrapper, some veins. Unlit draw is smooth and easy with some earthy notes. Lights easy and evenly. First draws flavor is somewhat rough, with notes of leather. After first several draws a nice earthy flavor with some woody notes come through. Stick only gets better as you smoke it. Mid way through still earthy and smooths out. Notes of dark chocolate midway to the end. Nice even burn. At first I was thinking it was more medium full flavored, but sees to pickup to full as you smoke it. Not as complex as a Camacho triple maduro but not one dimensional either. For the $$$ great stick, I will buy another bundle!
Frank in Delaware, OH October 17, 2007
"The best for less!!!"
Taste is comparable to a La Gloria Cubana Serie R #6 but, I can smoke 3 FSS 3000 Presidentes for the price of 1 #6. Just ordered 3 more bundles, as these are now the only cigars I keep in the humidor. Keep 'em coming FSS...we'll always be there to buy quality cigars at bargain prices. Thanks for a great deal.
Gene L. in Conn. April 30, 2007
"The longer they sit, the better they git"
Not much can be said about these that hasn't already been said. Great smokes, great price. I just smoked one from "batch 2" that has been resting for almost 1 year. Awesome cigar. Flavor gets more depth the longer they sit.
borndead1 in MI April 8, 2007
"Best full bodied smoke for the $, earthy @ robust"
I got a bundle of these, waited four days to finally try one out. The first couple of draws brought a tingling to the sides and back of my tongue. After that, I was rewarded throughout the smoke with a great taste of earthy cocoa and coffee. To me, this is as good as any other Nicaraguan at twice the price.
Chris M. in SE Arizona March 21, 2007
"Best Bargain Full Bodied Cigar"
I have enjoyed all three editions of this cigar but this Predidente size is my favorite. This cigar has a rich full flavor, great aroma, and is an great value for the price.
Charles Morrison in AL February 23, 2007
"The True Origin of FSS Nic 3000"
I've purchased this cigar previously and enjoyed it very much. I'd only seen a bit of discussion on the internet cigar forums until I stumbled onto Herfers Paradise, where I saw this posting from cephisfunchis:.......................................................................................................................... I am told by inside sources that this new Nic3000 is a multi joint production type of deal. Here's how it goes: They are using a mega blend filler, represented by every tobacco growing country in the world. This cigar features a triple binder, one from Big Mokes back yard garden, one from Lewie's leftovers, and the final one being the rare and super premo Pateloto leaf from Rocky Patel's Chia farm in the back streets of Naples, Florida. The wrapper leaf is a new strain..from Cuban and Irish seed, blended with some Vitalis Hair tonic for that shiney look and a dash of Elmers Glue-All for durability! The cigars are rolled in a secret location, just outside of Burny's home town and I am told that Ocat is over seeing the factory. Fiend is flown is to give em the once over and toss a lil of that KSL juju on these bad boys. They are then sent to the Fiji Islands where Tony Robinson puts them thru the firewalk to impart that certain smokey flavor we all love so much. From there, they are sent to China and carried around the waters on a big Chinese Junk to pick up some of that ever so awesome Chinese Herbal Medicine Aroma. The next leg of the journey has them air freighted to India where they age gracefully in a big Curry Powder factory to pick up some spicey notes. Then it's off to their last stop before coming to the US. They are boated into the DR, where Carlito and Crew meet them at the dock and hold a 4 1/2 hour sreaming session to ward off any bad spirits and impart some island love on these babies. They are then sent to America and received with honors in Miami. The soulful sounds of the late Great Barry White are played as they are unloaded off the cigarette boats. Skates, Gary, Azure, and Steph caravan it down there in the official FSS Delivery Vehicles which happen to be pasley Colored Bentley Turbo R's. Skates drives the lead vehicle with the 15 foot tall CB antenna hanging off the back bumper. Once the Bentleys are loaded up, Skates screams out the orders on the CB...Hey good buddies, are you ready to high tail into Pa? And off they go. Quite a fascinating legend behind these we must appreciate this and be willing to wait for the their sweet arrival. Skates stores them in the Barry White section of the FSS Humidor....and mood lighting and aroma therapy are all in play. By the time you get these....they have experienced a lot of real special handling and love. Almost makes me hate to fire one up. BUT..someones gotta do it....may as well be me! Hope this helps bruddah! Love Cephis Funchis...Chi-town
Bernie Costello in MN February 17, 2007
"The 2nd Release Was Great, Now For #3"
The first release of this cigar was a very pleasant surprise; truly a premium cigar hidden in bundle packaging. I worried that once it sold out, the new release would be a totally different cigar. It was a bit different, but in some ways better. This is a full bodied, complex smoke, beautifully rolled in its peculiar shape. I was stunned when I saw a negative review, but always remind myself that some folks like watermelon flavored cigars too. Everyone has a different set of tastes. This is a major league cigar. I've smoked cigars for almost 44 years; cigars from virtually every cigar producing nation on earth. Believe me, if release #3 is the quality of past releases, it's going to be a superior smoke.'s for the cigar smoker who likes power and flavor. Frankly, I'm a bit surprised that Famous hasn't attempted a line extension of this cigar; similar filler and binder, but perhaps with an African cameroon wrapper or Brazilian oscuro wrapper.
RSteve in Herfers Paradise February 16, 2007
"Worst smoke ever !!"
After reading all the good reviews about this cigar, I ordered a 5 pack to try them out. What a disappointment they turned out to be. They were very harsh with little or no flavor. It's a smoke I will never order again.
Dave in Cleveland,Ohio February 13, 2007
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