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Famous Nicaraguan Selection 3000 Presidente Reviews [view details]

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great cigars, $2 like the old days before cigar aficionado, if you re a wine taster...but if you re a smoker, these are like a chevy iron block, reliable all the time, nicaraguans are the best any way, how can you go wrong?
in April 16, 2014
"ordered these and recieved a pressed cigar"
very disappointing but cept them smoked ok
in April 10, 2014
"Every Cigar Has It s Own Language"
This dark beauty speaks volumes of delicious full flavor. Way to go Famous. I m glad to see a bundle like this so reasonable that even a skin flint like me can get one or two without cashing in all the chips.
Mr. Blues in Central MN November 9, 2013
"Poor Construction!"
I think this cigar should be about a 60 or maybe even less. Every one I have smoked has had major canoeing, wrapper either not burning with the same consistency as the filler, and just plain falling apart. Taste is full bodied, a plus. Draw is fine. But having BIG trouble with construction, I keep them in my humidor at 72% humidity @ 70 degrees. All my other cigars burn very nicely.
Bob in Pittsburgh, PA May 30, 2013
"disappointing burn/draw"
I order and smoke these regularly. Latest batch had unusually high rate of poor burn, canoeing, going out in middle of the cigar. someone at quality control asleep.
Bill in Arlington, VA. May 19, 2012
"Always enjoy a smooth and full body smoke!"
Excellent smoke from beginning to end. Coffee coco flavors very evident like a Cuban with a comfortable draw and handle.
Leo in NJ November 17, 2011
"Great smoke"
I bought my first bundle a couple of weeks ago. I just ordered another bundle today. Being a Padron smoker I was blown me away by this cigar. This is my new every day smoke. I truly believe this is the best $2.35 smoke I've come across. I give it a solid 90
Craig in Texas October 16, 2011
These cigars are tremendous for the price. The rich and creamy smoke is comparable to some of the higher end brands. I am pleasantly surprised with each bundle that the quality is the same.
James C. in Oregon December 10, 2010
"A Stunning Cigar"
I received the bundle today and just had to have one right away and then put the rest to sleep for a few weeks. Below is my observation of yet to be ripe Nic 3000 My analysis of the Nicaraguan 3000 Presidente: Upon first light there is a warm taste of leather....but within moments, an oily creamy taste coats the inside of my mouth. And a tinge of red pepper on the very tip of my tongue. I only suck in about every 1-2 minutes...and quickly that oiliness becomes creamy and buttery that continues to coat the inside of the mouth. The pepper continues to tickle at the tip of the tongue. By the end of the first third, in between inhales, the taste of new leather and cedar coats the palate and the buttery creamy taste becomes very prominent. At the end of that comes a very dark chocolate taste...almost bitter but not really. It's the ligero warming up. Each puff brings that oily buttery taste to the forefront...almost like the taste of buttered rolls. During the second half, the flavors intensify...the taste of oiliness, cream, new leather and spice amp up but stay controlled. It's dreamy. The last third, the ligero kicks in and a little light headedness kicks in...but very mild. The oily butter that coats the inside of the mouth is very pronounced and the spiciness now moves to the entire tongue...very pleasant. But no sweet spot. It will take 3 weeks for that to happen. It begins halfway through the cigar where all those flavors settle down and taste as one instead of separate tastes. And then the last third amps up while still maintaining control. The slight high from the ligero is modified but there....it's not a knee knocker but a good idea to have food in your gut before you smoke it in order to tame it and not get the spins. I finished the cigar 10 minutes ago and I can still taste the oily creamy butter taste. I don't know if I've smoked a better cigar. I will now wait a few weeks so that I can enjoy a truly phenomenal cigar.
Phillip in Kenosha, WI July 24, 2010
"Still fabulous"
The latest release of these, circa 9/2009 is in stock now. The Presidentes are still a fabulous cigar in every way. Awesome construction, great draw, razor sharp burn, and delicious. Medium plus to full bodied, loaded with spice, and a true joy to smoke. Thanks Famous for keeping the brand alive and well. And a huge tip of the cap for holding the line on price. Class move.
J. Wynnstone in Chicago September 18, 2009
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10 Taste (91) 100
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10 Construction (89) 100
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