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Famous Nicaraguan Selection 3000 Toro Reviews [view details]

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"famous 3000 toro my favorite but now sucks"
famous 3000 toro has been my everyday cigar for years but the last 40 have been cr--p. The wrappers come apart= the taste is bad and i have to throw half of every cigar away.This is the first time I have ever been disappointed in famous. I have been a customer for many many years. I am 72 and am considering quitting. charles kavaney august 15 2010
charles in kankakee August 15, 2010
"Cap cracks but great overall smoke"
I've had 8 out of the bundle so far. The caps crack on some. May need to wet the tip before cutting. But if you can get pass that, it's a great smoke. Well-constructed box-pressed feel with good draw and firmer ash than most in price range. Not ashamed to pass out these on the range.
Y.K. in S. Jersey August 6, 2010
"Incredible Cigars"
Absolutely fabulous! I just recieved my bundle and quickly broke one out and lit up. I am very picky with my cigars and the burn was good but required slight correction, the consistency was fantastic with a smooth finish, the draw was a little hard but half an inch in it was better, and this cigar left me with a unique after taste I enjoyed for an hour after I had finished it. The bundle looked good all around and the construction is superb with a very consistent feel to every cigar. I will deffinately be keeping a constant stock of these in my humi. Thanks FSS, I will be ordering another bundle soon!
Andrew in Knoxville, TN July 14, 2010
"A good cigar."
Hard to beat for the value. A good tasting cigar with alot of spice. I will be ordering more. It has found a home in my humidor.
Mike M. in Arizona June 21, 2010
"Great Cigar"
While looking for a reasonably priced daily cigar (to keep the wife happy) I ordered a bundle of these recently, after reading all the reviews. I smoked one the first day ? and was a bit leery, since it had a tight draw and was bit harsh. I kept an open mind thinking I may have just gotten a tight stick and figured a bit of time in the humidor might improve them ? they may have gotten a little dry in transit. I have smoked a couple since, and the draw was good, but still I want sure about taste (but getting better). I smoked another this am, after about a week in the humidor, and I was rewarded with a near perfect draw and good burn. The flavor had definitely improved and was very enjoyable, I didn?t want to put it down - I think I have found my daily smoke. I?m ordering 2 more bundles right now. Keep em coming. These are great cigars period ? for the $, they are awesome!
Brett in Temecula, CA May 3, 2010
"Excellent Cigar"
Just recieved my bundle of these cigars on 4-27-2010 and have only smoked two of them. After reading all the reviews I decided to take a chance on these and I am certainly glad I did. This cigar exceeded all of my expectations. This is an excellent cigar and you can not go wrong on the price. I would recommend this cigar to any one who loves full bodied cigars, from the construction, to the burn, the draw everything was perfect and the taste was superior and not over powering. i will be ordering more of these in the future, I have been looking for a very long time to find a reasonably priced cigar that I can smoke everyday, and now I have finally found my go to cigar. Thanks Famous, you folks have done a great job with this cigar, please keep these in stock. If anyone is wondering about all the hype regarding this cigar, you can believe it, it's right on point.
Terry in Kansas April 28, 2010
"Came in today, smoked one today!"
These are a rectangular, pressed shape and very different from what I am use to. A favorite until I could not find it anymore was the Sancho Panza which was box pressed. My current favorite is and they were out of stock so I ordered the Nicaraguan 3000 Toro and I am very impressed with this smoke! Granted, I have only smoked one but it was very good. If the next 19 suck, I will review that also - so far their description is correct "An amazing buy for the full-bodied cigar smoker. Famous Nicaraguan 3000 Grande Robusto Natural cigars are made with a robust blend of diverse Nicaraguan tobaccos draped in dark, oily Ecuadorian-grown Habano wrappers. The smoke is spicy, earthy, complex, yet never overpowering, even at a 60-gauge ring!"
Steve in Texas April 5, 2010
"Peppery, worth the price."
The Famous 3000 has an overall good burn, and smooth draw. It starts out spicey, and smooths out in the middle, then gets a little peppery at the end. The ash is very peppery as well, reminding me of the Don Pepin Black series. The cigar is definitely a Lot more than I'd ever expect for the price, and it's a good every day cigar. This is a great deal from Famous Cigar. Don't pass it up! However, I'm still inclined to mix in an affordable premium cigar such as a casa magna Toro, or a Brickhouse Churchill.
smokey in Texas March 19, 2010
"Still a Favorite..."
October 13, 2007 I posted my comments on this cigar. Yesterday, 10/12/2009 I ordered two bundles, that says a lot. I've smoked over 200 cigars, some same label, some different, this one ranks among to top 10 EASILY. This is my go to cigar from now on.
Michael in Arllington October 13, 2009
"One of the best of ANY brand/line out there."
I think that the 4000 and 6000 series are excellent additions to the FSS line...they are special, like your birthday and Christmas respectively. The 3000's? IF ONLY they were consistantly available - but they come in only very occasionally (is there a 'consistancy' score to mark for THAT?). It makes these like a fantastic party you get invited to at the most maybe once a year...the best spirits, food, your favorite band or singer there just for you. It's magic! You wouldn't miss it for anything! And similarly, when the 3000's ARE there, behind the bar, on the table, whatever...if you don't take're passing up something really special. The look, the aroma, the flavor, the denoument...they're all there. The price? OK let's talk money! It's RIGHT where it ought to be (heh, heh, heh)!
Blackhorse in OR September 24, 2009
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