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Famous Nicaraguan Selection 3000 Torpedo Reviews [view details]

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"The wrapper is what makes it good"
As advertised, the flavor of these wrappers is delectable, however I find the filler to be subpar. If I were to order these again, I would get the Presidente, since it is the skinniest (more wrapper, less filler).
Jerry in Connecticut September 27, 2007
"A True Story!"
A cow and a goat were smoking a Famous N3K torpedo. In fact, this was their favorite cigar. As they are discussing the virtues of the cigar, a big-time Hollywood agent drives by. He stops the car to find out what the fuss is all about. The goat hands him a N3K. As the agent smokes the cigar his eyes get big & wide. "My gosh, this cigar is better than the expensive Cubans that I have been smoking", he exclaims. The goat & cow smile at each other and then at Joe Hollywood. To repay their kindness, the agent proceeds to book them both on "America's Got Talent". I saw this unfold before my very eyes. True story.
Allen Sirken in TX June 2, 2007
"Great Cigar for the price!!!"
As a relative newbie to this "hobby" I really didn't know what to expect from this stick. Got a good deal on 2 bundles for a few friends and I through the Monsterdeal section. Fired one up after about a week in the humidor and the first stick had a pretty tight draw. Clipped a bit more off the end helped a bit, and overall I was happy with the taste and progression of the smoke. Second stick I tried had alot better draw. Chomped on it and smoked it while working on my wifes idea of a swingset/playset for the kids, which is turning into the albatross of my summer projects. That's another story though, but good excuse to get outside and enjoy a smoke. Anyway, the second stick had great draw, and superb flavor. Very full, rich, and towards the end a bit spicier which I enjoy. Normally, I tend to like manduro robustos, but this stick is right up there for me in what I like. Probably not for an empty stomach, but I like em strong for whatever reason even though I just started smoking "dog turds" as my friends like to call them. All in all, a great smoke at a tremendous value.
JNav89GT in IL May 29, 2007
"Great cigar"
I read about these cigars on a couple of message boards and they lived up to the hype and then some. Great construction, burn, and flavor. Next time I'll be sure to put my feet up and relax with one of these. They'll be a fixture in my humidor for sure. You'll be lucky to find many sticks under $10 to compete with this bad boy.
Duane Pullen in IN May 7, 2007
Lit off one of these beauties last night and boy....ehat a nice surprise! I've had them in my humidor for the past two and a half months. The construction, appearance, taste and burn were beyond my expectations.. I'll definitely recommend these to friends and plan on purchasing more of these sleepers!!
Bill Stratton in OH April 20, 2007
A lot has been said about this line-up, most of it is true. This cigar is an excellent value no matter how you slice it. from time to time I get in a rut where every cigar I light doesn't seem to have enough oomph in it, this is the cure for that. despite the lip service paid to it being "a complex smoke", it isn't...what it is , is a pepper bomb that kicks like a mule. Think a La Gloria Cubana "R" Serie minus the refinement. Not a thing wrong with that in my book. A couple of months in the humi could bring it up to that renowned smokes level. Construction-wise it has thick, leathery wrapper made for chewing. A wonderful change of pace to these so-called "premium" sticks whose wrapper is akin to tissue paper. If you like a strong peppery smoke, look no further.
TeeJay in Lincoln, R.I. April 5, 2007
"Great full-bodied smoke"
I wanted to wait until I had smoked several of these before I gave a review because I couldn't believe how good these 3000's were! The construction is flawless, with a smooth wrapper that has not yet unraveled or flaked; I've smoked premium cigars that have had lesser construction qualities. The draw is always perfect, and the burn is great, as I think I had to correct it once. The smoke volume is impressive also, pumping out tons of creamy white smoke. The flavor of these is what really floors me, though. Very zesty without being bitter or stinging on the tongue, and about midway through it really builds in strength. My first couple made me a bit woozy, not nauseous, just a feeling unlike ANY cigar I've smoked. Even down to the nub, these don't burn hot; just warm, smooth smoking pleasure. I think a previous review suggested plutonium for filler? That's about accurate. These are great after a good meal with a beer or your favorite beverage; very hearty and long lasting. Great aroma too. Not reccomended on an empty stomach. I'll definately order more of these. Keep up the good work Famous!
John J. in Canal Fulton, OH March 30, 2007
"Damn good cigar!"
I'm not a rosey, posey reviewer, old school that's gonna tell it straight up, these torps make Mongo happy.....good job FSS
Barry in Mass. December 8, 2006
"Nothing wrong here!!!!"
Excellent smoke for the $$$ Don't be afraid to order a bundle of these ;they will put a lot of $5-$7 cigars to shame!!!!
Tim in Bozeman Mt. November 25, 2006
Terrific cigar that has it all. And even better, it's practically free. My wife loves them - I stopped spending the big bucks on Cubans. This is the perfect Holiday gift for the uninitiated.
Allen Sirken in Texas November 19, 2006
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