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Famous Nicaraguan Selection 4000 Reviews

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Famous Nicaraguan 4000 Sixty
"Pretty Good"
Pretty good cigar. Probably needs to lay down for a while before smoking. Some uneven burn but easy and cool draw, great smoke and solid white ash. Not bad at all for the price.
Calvin in Houston March 29, 2013
Famous Nicaraguan 4000 Sixty
While the appearance and general construction are spot on, a third of my bundle was unsmokable due to poor draw/low smoke production. As such, the flavors were somewhat weak.
Dave in Colorado February 22, 2013
Famous Nicaraguan 4000 Churchill
"good "every day" smoke"
I have smoked these for awhile and find them on the whole to be very good. I did find two worm holes in one cigar in the last batch. Thought it should be brought to famous smoke's attention. Will keep buying for now, on the assumption that was a misstep, and no one's perfect.
dan in maitland, florida January 1, 2013
Famous Nicaraguan 4000 Churchill
"Totally blocked"
I ordered a bundle of 20 with high hopes after several great bundles of the Domincan 4000. Unfortunately all but 2 cigars have been entirely blocked and unusable. I have attempted to unblock them which normally does not work, resulting in at least 70% of them going directly to the trash can. Few things make me as sad and angry as throwing away a cigar. the 2 that I've been able to smoke without any help have been great. But buying a bundle for 2 decent sticks isn't going to cut it for me. I'm not happy with these at all.
Rob in Baltimore September 17, 2012
Famous Nicaraguan 4000 Robusto
Bought these to try as an every day smoke out on the highway, so far I'm not impressed. The burn is very uneven, tends to burn down the center of the stick leaving the wrapper untouched but for a tiny ash ring. Taste is fine, looks great before lighting.
Sean in On the road June 11, 2012
Famous Nicaraguan 4000 Churchill
"Excellent Smoke and Value"
Received my bundle, let them sit for a few days, first smoke was excellent, 90 minutes, great draw, long ash, well made, a mild taste and pleasure.
Robert in Seattle September 12, 2011
Famous Nicaraguan 4000 Churchill
Well constructed cigar,nice draw,great deal
rafy in new york May 10, 2011
Famous Nicaraguan 4000 Toro
"New "go to" smoke"
well constructed, even burn and consistently good flavor ... for the price, it's tough to beat
John D in Gilbert, AZ January 2, 2011
Famous Nicaraguan 4000 Toro
"Best of the X000 series Nicaraguan"
I bought the bundle pack of all the #000 series Nicaraguan and honestly these are the best in there. They burn even have a easy draw, dont fall apart and have the smoothest taste of them all. If you are looking for a good everyday smoke i suggest these especially in the toro size for the good pull.
Mitch in New Jersey October 14, 2010
Famous Nicaraguan 4000 Robusto
"Excellent Smoke"
Had my second one from a bundle I won at auction. It started off a little harsh, but after 1/2 inch into it mellowed out into a wonderful medium/full cigar. I had to let it go or I would have blistered my fingers. I found this cigar to be one of the best house brands that I have ever smoked. I am looking forward to the remaining 18!
Chuck in Louisville, KY July 25, 2010
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