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Famous Nicaraguan Selection 5000 Reviews

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Famous Nicaraguan 5000 Toro
"Spicy sweetness!"
A not only beautifully crafted smoke, but an exquisite flavor. Maduro lovers you need these. I'm an experienced smoker and this is a fantastic smoke for the price. I've smoked 15 of these and they were all great. They do age well so keep some in there for some time for an even better smoke!
Alex in Kansas City, Mo September 19, 2012
Famous Nicaraguan 5000 Sixty
Having my first one of these very taste cigars. Would recommend for a every day smoke.
Gary in Columbia, MO August 16, 2012
Famous Nicaraguan Selection 5000 Sixty
"Surprisingly decent..."
Overall a good smoke and worth the money in my humble opinion. My favorites are Oliva, CAO, Torano and Cubao; while the Nic 5000 may not have been an equal, it certainly is close. It is enjoyable and full flavored.
JohnnyDark in Virginia February 23, 2012
Famous Nicaraguan 5000 Toro
"Love Me Some Famous NIc 5000s"
A self proclaimed "maduro lover", I have burned through about 6 of these bundles and always keep 3-4 bundles in the vinos. AWESOME stick for the price. easily, one of my "go to" sticks!!
Mac in Newport News, Va October 11, 2011
Famous Nicaraguan 5000 Churchill
"Home Run"
These are exceptional smokes at any price. I have smoked a handful of these from a bundle I bought a couple months ago, and have thoroughly enjoyed them. Medium bodied, great Brazilian taste contributing to a most excellent blend of filler tobaccos, perfect draw, good burn and smoke production. The bands have bit too much gum on them, but otherwise these cigars are superior to the many of premiums I've had over the past year. I'll be ordering these again for sure. Famous, you have hit a home run...well done!
P. Vageta in Houston, TX July 31, 2011
Famous Nicaraguan 5000 Toro
"My Favorite!"
tried two singles. loved them. bought a bundle and i have enjoyed every single one of them! very full flavored! these are going to be a mainstay in my humidor!!!
Eric in WV July 23, 2011
Famous Nicaraguan Selection 5000 Sixty
"a good solid value..."
i usually smoke the robusto, but will try the sixty next... i have had no problems of any type with these, and it is a go-to cigar in my humidor... nothing exceptional, but good... want exceptional, pay a little more...
ds in oregon July 12, 2011
Famous Nicaraguan 5000 Sixty
"Good cigars"
My palette really enjoyed the flavor of these cigars. They are reminiscent of the CAO Maduro. They have a great, hearty aroma.
James in Oregon June 20, 2011
Famous Nicaraguan 5000 Sixty
"Get what you pay for. Poor quality and taste."
I got a bundle of 20 of these because they were cheap and I have been looking for a larger cigar that won't break the bank. At the price they are I wasn't expecting much, but I was really disappointed when I received them. I tried 2 myself and had two friends try them, just to be sure it wasn't a bad stick, but these cigars really are just bad. The construction is alright, not amazing but for what it was I was impressed that it wasn't falling apart like many in this price range do. They look pretty good from the outside, as most maduros do, but upon closer inspection the wrapper is dotted with imperfections and just seems to be poor quality. When it came down to business though the cigar is just plain bad. Flavor is almost non-existent which one would not expect from a maduro, and what there is is bitter and inconsistent. There were also major burn problems with canoeing and strange bits not wanting to burn. Overall I would say pass on this cigar and look for something else. Even if you did like the taste of the cigar, the problems with flavor and draw are so poor that I would think it un-enjoyable. As for myself, I have 16 cigars I don't know what to do with now.
James in USA June 18, 2011
Famous Nicaraguan 5000 Toro
"Best house brand purchase"
I bought a bundle of these on the Monster & must say they are the best house brand purchase I've ever made anywhere.Nice sweet maduro flavor,white ash,& a nice burn.They did need a little rest in the humidor when I recieved them but I do like them.
Mr. Mojorisin in The Ozarks April 1, 2011
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