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Famous Nicaraguan Selection 5000 Reviews

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Famous Nicaraguan 5000 Churchill
"Not a Padron, but OK"
A good smoke early, smooth and flavorful. After about 1/3 of the burn they canoe and start getting hot. Seems to be pattern with the Famous Brands I try.
irloyal in Dallas TX February 19, 2011
Famous Nicaraguan 5000 Robusto
"Love it!"
I wanted a solid everyday smoke, and I think I found it in the Famous Nic 5000. I couldn't wait and smoked one OTT. Great creamy taste, thick smoke, good draw, okay burn. Will be ordering more!
Brian in Honolulu, HI February 8, 2011
Famous Nicaraguan 5000 Robusto
This was my first "Famous" brand purchase and I decided to try the Nic 5000 based largely on the catalog photo (looked good enough to eat) and the description and factory information. I smoked one a few hours after they arrived and I was impressed. I followed with a second for breakfast the next morning and was still impressed. This is NOT a cut-rate cigar. It smoked beautifully, produced huge amounts of smoke and delivered an enjoyable flavor profile...a slight "bitey" start that eases into a rich, creamy flavor that is super with a cup of coffee. It is not terribly complex, but delivers a solid smoke all the way. You'll get some of those wavy maduro burn lines, but so far neither of mine have needed a touch-up. Another big plus is this cigar remained firm down to the nub. Give it a shot. I'm going to take a Famous Honduran (Nestor) for a spin next.
Rob in Pittsburgh February 4, 2011
Famous Nicaraguan 5000 Robusto
"Famous Nicaraguan 5000 Maduro"
This cigar surprised me. I let it rest for a few months in the humi and it is honestly my go-to bargain maduros. The first third opens with nuts, cream and pepper. The flavor remains throughout but seems to mellow a little in the 2nd and 3rd parts. For the price they can't be beat. I'd say they compete pretty well with the likes of JFR maduros and the 601 box pressed maduro.
Jeff in Fort Hood December 4, 2010
Famous Nicaraguan 5000 Toro
"One of my favorites."
I have 30 or 40 different cigars in my collection.My favorites are the Nic 3k-7k,the 5k is in my three top picks.
mike in iowa November 15, 2010
Famous Nicaraguan 5000 Toro
"Cheap, dry and not that good"
Bob in Naples, FL November 11, 2010
Famous Nicaraguan 5000 Churchill
"good smoke for the price"
I got a good price when I bought another brand box so I gave it a try.I thought the cigar looked nice burn was very good and draw was good lots of smoke taste was bland for me not as much spice like other maduros I've smoked but good for the price.I got the Churchill so a good long smoke so I had a beer and snacks.I think this is an in between smoke instead of just smoking premium smokes all the time.
chris in florida September 22, 2010
Famous Nicaraguan 5000 Toro
"Are you kidding me?"
I've smoked all the Famous Nicaraguan bundle cigars and this is by far the best. Great taste, perfect burn, and a very soft full-body smoke.
DWV in Texas September 3, 2010
Famous Nicaraguan Selection 5000 Robusto
"smoke anytime..."
perhaps the best cigar for a buck and a half anywhere... a little spicy, a little sweet, full body, full flavor, but smooth all the way down... kaint beet 't...
daniel e. in oregon August 26, 2010
Famous Nicaraguan 5000 Churchill
"TIght isn't always the best"
Good flavor, good burn, beautiful wrappers, and loved how dark they where.. But draw was so tight half of the bundle sat in the humi for months not being smoked. Most of them were very tight, but not in a good way. Thats my five cent.
Brnadon in Reno, NV August 15, 2010
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