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Famous Nicaraguan 5000 Toro Reviews [view details]

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"Pretty Good, But......"
These cigars taste very good, my only complaint is there is about 5 to 7 cigars in each bundle with a real TIGHT draw.
Pags in Parsippany NJ February 8, 2014
"Doesn t live up to the hype"
I m not going to lie, I ve been really disappointed with these bundle smokes. The wrapper is decent but the filler is awful. Not sure why everyone thinks so highly of these. I ve smoked plenty of bundle sticks and JRs, these weren t worth the coin.
Sea Bass in Fayetteville, AR October 24, 2013
"Spicy sweetness!"
A not only beautifully crafted smoke, but an exquisite flavor. Maduro lovers you need these. I'm an experienced smoker and this is a fantastic smoke for the price. I've smoked 15 of these and they were all great. They do age well so keep some in there for some time for an even better smoke!
Alex in Kansas City, Mo September 19, 2012
"Love Me Some Famous NIc 5000s"
A self proclaimed "maduro lover", I have burned through about 6 of these bundles and always keep 3-4 bundles in the vinos. AWESOME stick for the price. easily, one of my "go to" sticks!!
Mac in Newport News, Va October 11, 2011
"My Favorite!"
tried two singles. loved them. bought a bundle and i have enjoyed every single one of them! very full flavored! these are going to be a mainstay in my humidor!!!
Eric in WV July 23, 2011
"Best house brand purchase"
I bought a bundle of these on the Monster & must say they are the best house brand purchase I've ever made anywhere.Nice sweet maduro flavor,white ash,& a nice burn.They did need a little rest in the humidor when I recieved them but I do like them.
Mr. Mojorisin in The Ozarks April 1, 2011
"One of my favorites."
I have 30 or 40 different cigars in my collection.My favorites are the Nic 3k-7k,the 5k is in my three top picks.
mike in iowa November 15, 2010
"Cheap, dry and not that good"
Bob in Naples, FL November 11, 2010
"Are you kidding me?"
I've smoked all the Famous Nicaraguan bundle cigars and this is by far the best. Great taste, perfect burn, and a very soft full-body smoke.
DWV in Texas September 3, 2010
"honest maduro, good deal..."
firm, sweet, full... good smoke...
ds in oregon June 22, 2010
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10 Construction (80) 100
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