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Famous Nicaraguan Selection 6000 Reviews

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Famous Nicaraguan 6000 Churchill
"Excellent choice!"
I've already bought 2 bundles of these, back now for my third. So far these are my favorite of the Famous line. Nice and spicy, most draw very easily, had one or two that were blocked but I can't complain. I've gotten complements on the aroma from veteran cigar smokers, and I personally like these guys after dinner with a cup of coffee or tea. They're a good buy at regular price. even better on sale! Great for parties. Can't complain!
Rob in Baltimore MD December 13, 2012
Famous Nicaraguan 6000 Churchill
"Wow. Full flavored pepper!"
This cigar is fantastic. It is full of flavor that isn't over powering. I'm an experienced smoker and for the price these are an exceptional value. I've smoked 15 of these. All of them have been consistent and only get better with age. Flavor consists of cedar, pepper, earthy and hints of chocolate throughout. I'm ordering another bundle soon. When I grab one of these. I know what I'm getting every time. Thanks Famous!
Alex in Kansas City, Mo September 17, 2012
Famous Nicaraguan Selection 6000 Toro
"A very plesant surprise..."
These cigars are very well constructed and very flavorful. They start mild and tasty, then a leathery sensation begins to permeate. Finally, a peppery taste. The burn rate is excellent as well. Definitely a good buy.
jetdrvr in Central Florida February 15, 2012
Famous Nicaraguan Selection 6000 Toro
"Best bang for the buck"
This is by far one of my favorite cigars, and the low price just means more bang for the buck. These beauties look and feel top notch, I've gone through two bundles and not a single draw or burn problem that is worth mentioning, and the flavor and aroma are fantastic. I gave a friend one of these that I had removed the band from so he didn't know what he was smoking... he loved it and he was amazed when I told him that it was a two dollar bundled cigar.
Justin in Central PA January 6, 2012
Famous Nicaraguan 6000 Toro
"Excellent for the price"
an excellent cigar for the price, well constructed, great looking and tasting wrapper, very consistent. hard to tell it's a cheaper bundled cigar.
Justin in Central PA January 6, 2012 August 7, 2011
Famous Nicaraguan 6000 Toro
"Wow. Just Wow."
I love my super premiums, but like a lot of us, I can't afford to smoke 3-4 every day. I was looking for a good everyday smoke that wouldn't be hard on the wallet. Found it. Right off the truck these are great. As far as looks and construction, take the band off and I'd put these up against any premium. Easy draw, clouds of smoke. Nice rich leathery/woody taste, with a medium finish. TRY THESE, you won't be disappointed.
David Shepherd in Casey, IL August 4, 2011
Famous Nicaraguan 6000 Robusto
picked up a single. loved it. to me it put me in mind of a Diesel Unlimited. going to buy a bundle of these on my next purchase.
Eric in WV July 23, 2011
Famous Nicaraguan 6000 Robusto
"got better after a month in the box"
First one was not good since it was the same from start to finish with no changes in quality or flavors. After a month or more in the box I decided to lite one up and smoked it to the last inch. The flavor again was just plain without anything special or really even mentionable for the first half then at a bit past half way the tobacco flavors got a bit sweet and tasted some wood and maybe even a bit of spice in the nose. Still a fair cigar only so will try again in another month or so. It did improve a bit for the wait so far and if the cigar continues to to improve could turn out to be a good cigar. Was way to cheap of a price to gripe as it did keep a good ash and stayed together well. nice oily wrapper that I like. good luck to you.
david windsor in arizona July 15, 2011
Famous Nicaraguan 6000 Robusto
"A Hefty Herf!"
I read about this cigar on other blog sites and the reviews were pretty decent, so I ordered a bundle and took a chance. Turned out to be a good investment for the price. I have never tried any of the other blends so I am unable to compare, but I am glad I purchased these!
Darryl in New York July 5, 2011
Famous Nicaraguan 6000 Toro
"Very pleasantly surprised"
These are much better cigars than I expected when I ordered them. They are not premium cigars but have a lot going for them. I have gone through about 15 of my first bundle and every one of them has been a delight. They burn even and draw smooth. I didn't even have a hint of a problem with a run when I was smoking them in the car (usually where I have the most issues). While I won't be breaking these bad boys out on special occasions, they are now my go-to daily cigar.
Mitchel in Nashville, TN June 15, 2011
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